Another year and a few hundred more posts on YLF. That’s a lot of writing, pictures, and comments from our readers. WOW. Comment count isn’t a perfect indicator of post value, but it’s interesting to see which posts generated the most discussion. 

Here are the posts that received more than 80 comments:

Here are the posts that didn’t get as much discussion, but that I thoroughly enjoyed writing. I am most proud of the posts that break down an abstract or tricky subject into tangible and helpful advice that can  easily be put into practice.

The most celebratory and sentimental post of 2016 deserves a shout-out because I laughed and cried for hours while writing it:

Ten Fabulous Years of YLF!  

Lisa Henderling

A few months later, it was followed by the most emotional and tear-jerking post of the year:

A Very Special Gift  

In Loving Memory

And last but not least, YLF has quite a large Facebook following with 210 thousand followers. The Friday ensemble posts create the most excitement and engagement on Facebook, and these were the top performers: 

Ensemble: Light Blue, White & Pearl Grey (865 Likes)

Light Blue, White & Pearl Grey

Ensemble: Coral, Blush, Cream, Taupe & Ink Blue (608 Likes)

Coral, Blush, Cream, Taupe & Ink Blue

Over to you. What were your favourite posts in 2016?