This ensemble is based on an outfit that I wore last week while working with a client. I combined white flares with a linen-chambray ruffled peplum shirt, light blue denim jacket, and pearl grey accents. I chose pearl grey snakeskin instead of solid pearl grey for shoes for more outfit oomph. The result was smart casual denim on denim. Here are the exact items. 

Combine light blue, white and pearl grey in any way at all. Note that light denim counts as light blue and silver or snakeskin counts as pearl grey. I’ve got you started with three renditions. 

White Bottoms, Light Blue Top & Grey Accents

Combine white jeans with a light blue top and finish off the outfit with pearl grey or silver footwear and bag. I doubled up the blue tops by wearing a denim jacket over my shirt. Feel free to choose a white skirt, shorts, or pair of pants if you don’t wear white jeans. 

Light Blue Bottoms, Grey Top & White Accents

Combine light blue jeans or denim skirt with a pearl grey top and finish off the outfit with white footwear and bag. I’ve shown a very casual version with shorts and sneakers, but you can take it up a notch with dressier items. 

Grey dress, Light Blue Jacket & White Accents

Pair a grey casual or dressy dress with a light blue denim jacket or light blue blazer. Choose grey or white footwear and a white bag. You can throw in a silver bag if you chose white shoes. Feel free to combine a grey skirt with a white top and denim jacket too.

Ensemble: Light Blue, White & Pearl Grey