Emerald green is having its fashion moment. As a bright with a somewhat acidic integrity, it’s usually more popular with those who enjoy warm colours. But you cannot see a colour in isolation because it’s greatly affected by the colours around it.  

These ensembles show how you can reduce the warmth of emerald green with cool colours like optical white, navy, ink blue, medium-wash denim blue, air-force blue, light blue, orchid, silver, ice pink and lilac. Black is another way to go, although I haven’t shown it here. Turquoise can also work, but to a lesser degree.

You can also wear emerald green away from your face. Wear it as a bottom with a skirt, pants, jeans, shorts and shoes, and sport cool colours on top. Or sport emerald as an accessory. Personally, I like emerald green with citron, turquoise, white and denim blue, which is a mix of warm and cool colours.

Winter can be unforgiving, long, depressing and extremely cold, but Spring is on the horizon. If you’re enjoying traces of Spring weather like we are in Seattle, may the colours in these ensembles further brighten your day.

Ensemble: Cool Spring Emerald