This is a combination you’re familiar with because it’s a classic. Fashion blogger Mary from Memorandum wears the look beautifully. The Boden model on the right showcases a simpler, and more casual rendition. 

The formula is very simple. Combine black, white and blue denim with red accents your way. Save the red for the footwear, bag, scarf, nail polish, lippie, or incorporate it into a pattern. Think tomato, fire engine or cherry red. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Easy Version

Combine blue jeans with a white top and black topper. Add red bag and shoes, or simply red shoes, and a metallic, white or red bag. You could choose a red scarf and keep the footwear and bag neutral as an alternative.

Turn It On Its Head

Combine white jeans with a black top, black topper, silver belt and silver shoes. Finish off the outfit with red bag, denim scarf. Or choose a blue denim jacket instead of the black topper, and throw on some red shoes and scarf.

Add a Pattern

Combine a black patterned bottom that incorporates the red. Combine it with a white top and blue denim jacket or duster. Finish off the look with black, red or silver footwear and bag. Add jewellery, eyewear, and watch as desired.

Ensemble: A No Nonsense Classic