Headbands are more on-trend than ever, and the bulkier they are, the more dramatic the fashion statement. They come in all sorts of fabrics, colours and patterns, and some are embellished with beads, ruched roses, and sequins. The collection below shows some good examples. 

These headbands take me back to the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. I wore them a lot back then, and particularly in velvet. I liked their classic and dressy appeal, although this time round they are far from dressy and classic. They are playful, fashion-forward, and worn with anything from cocktail dresses, ballgowns and jeans, to sweats, shorts, athleisure and sneakers. Some of the biggest outfit bloggers have made statement headbands part of their signature style, and they look great.

House Account Safari Headband In Black And White

Prada Silk-satin Headband

Statement headbands are not reserved for long hair. You can wear one with short and very short hair too. Their large size tends to make them look more like a hat or crown rather than a hair accessory. Sometimes, they remind me of Elizabethan headwear, especially when the wearer has long hair that is parted in the middle. To be inspired by 16th century attire in the 21st century is fun in itself. Why not!

I don’t want to wear a headband again, but like them on others, especially if it keeps annoying hair from falling forward into your face. Some of my clients and friends are rocking these statement headbands, and they are many decades older than these models. It’s a fab maximal look, quite unique at this point, a little regal, and not one that I think of as juvenile. What’s your take on the trend?