This outfit formula is for the skirt and heels wearers. By all means substitute the heels for dressy flats and sparkly sneakers if that’s more your thing, because why not! It’s stylish to have happy feet, feel confident, and be at ease with your outfit. If that means no heels, go for it. Gone are the days that you have to wear heels to look and feel fabulous.

The main component here is a dressy festive dressy skirt. Without it, the formula falls flat. On to to some party outfits.

1. Pretty Modern Classic

Combine a festive pleated or tulle skirt with a tucked blouse, elegant pumps, clutch, and coat, and you’re done. An untucked fitted cashmere pullover or twinset could work instead of the blouse. The playfulness here comes from the palette and pattern. The darks are blue, and not black, which further softens the look. Dress up your doggie, and off you go.

Boden Beatrice Pleated Skirt

2. Ravishing Relaxed Bombshell

A fitted pencil skirt that hugs curves creates a bombshell vibe, and a sequin skirt screams party time. The addition of the soft and fluid pullover relaxes the bombshell vibe, and screams cosy time. A fab juxtaposition. The tailored silver heeled booties add a dressy and super hero touch, and match the silver sequins. Add hosiery, a coat, and a small bag.

Eloquii Studio Variegated Sequin Pencil Skirt

3. Arty Avant-Garde

Combine an architectural midi skirt with a tucked tee, statement jewellery, and heeled booties. Here, the model is wearing skinnies under her skirt, but you can wear hosiery or leggings. The black tee and booties create a fab bookended effect, and the boots are a little playfully Steam Punk too. Pop a short teddy, sherpa or faux fur coat over the top for warmth. A black moto could be fab too.

Lisa LeMair Wrap Pinch Skirt/Wrap

4. Textural Trendy Fabness

Combine a soft and slippery full satin A-line midi skirt with a soft and pretty SHORT pullover. The pullover should be short and either fitted on the welt, or fitted all over to create a defined waist and traditionally flattering proportions. That way you won’t feel blocky. Add tall heeled tailored or slouchy boots to finish off the look. They’ve added a white shirt for layering interest, but that’s not essential. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired.

Zara Satin Skirt