Now that it’s cold in Belgium, I’ve been looking at a few new Winter accessories to keep me warm. Perhaps you’d like to browse with me:

Fab Links from Our Members

Elizabeth P found us a different take on having fun with fashion. This photographer got some shots that are very, very clever!

Shevia thought this was fun: “Luxury hoodies and unmissable bottoms: 10 looks that defined the decade.”

Nuancedream can remember a time when transparent frame eyeglasses were truly unfashionable. After reading this blog post, she’s considering getting a pair in 2020.

Runcarla wanted to share this interesting article about the history and (possible) future of the bra.

She also enjoyed this quirky article about body/breast appreciation ‘at a certain age’.

Aquamarine directs us to “The Environmental Cost of Fashion“, and “‘The Best Thing You Can Do Is Not Buy More Stuff,’ Says ‘Secondhand Expert‘.’