We want to help you make the pursuit of personal style enjoyable, exploratory, rewarding and above all a fun experience. Fill each day with joy as you express yourself through your style in your own special way. Increase the happiness factor of your outfits and see the effect ripple out as people react positively to your state of mind. It’s a powerful feeling.

Welcome to YouLookFab!

I am Angie Cox and together with my husband Greg I created this site to help you look fab, feel fabulous and above all, have fun with fashion. I have more than 20 years of experience in the fashion industry and Greg has more than 20 years of experience in software development. Like the two of us, YouLookFab is a collision of the worlds of fashion and technology and we hope you enjoy the result as much as we enjoy creating it.

Having been a designer, a buyer and now a fashion stylist, I have a lot to say on the topics of fashion and style. I believe that style is not reserved for those with a large budget and a particular body type. Style can be learned and everyone deserves to look and feel great.

I typically write one or two blog entries every day, and I like to share tangible advice that you can action quickly and without fuss. I have written more than 2000 blog entries since April 2006 and many of our readers have embarked on their own DIY style renewal with the help of this archive.

You don’t need to do it alone.

During the process of creating and evolving your personal style you can share your experience, get input and give advice in the YouLookFab forum. There are now thousands of members and always someone to chat to. Most importantly, the forum is characterized by the warmth, intelligence and passion of its members.

All of the information on YouLookFab is available for free. Some of our readers stay silent and treat YLF as an interactive magazine on fashion and style. Others sign up and participate in forum discussions, style challenges and member gatherings. We love both kinds of member and your level of participation is entirely up to you.

We hope you join us in celebrating fashion and style, a form of artistic expression that people of all ages, sizes and budgets can enjoy.

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