There are hundreds of posts in the YLF forum every day, so sometimes it gets hard to keep track of the conversation threads that interest you most. One way to solve this problem is to use the Favorites feature.

Creating Your List of Favorites

There are two ways you can mark a thread as one of your favorites:

  1. You can click the heart icon in the thread list
  2. You can click the heart icon in the header of an individual thread

In order to remove a thread from your list of favorites, just click that heart icon again.

Viewing Your Favorites

To see all your favorites in one place click on the “Favorites” tab at the top of the forum page. You will be taken to a list of your favorite threads. You can then click on an individual subject to read that thread, or you can click the heart to remove it from the list.

Favorites Feed

One very useful feature of the favorites list is that it generates its own RSS feed. If you sign up for this feed you will be notified in your feed reader whenever there is a new post in one of your favorite threads.