The content on YLF is free to anyone, but the get the full benefit of the YLF social network you need to sign up. Here are some of the features that require membership:

  1. Participating in the forum, including the posting of photos
  2. Creating your online style profile
  3. Reviewing items in YLF Finds
  4. Sending private messages to other YLF members

Signing Up

It is very easy to sign up. Go to the signup page and choose your login name and password. You will be sent an email message with a link you need to follow to confirm your registration. That’s it!

Member Levels

After signing up you will immediately reach the level of YLF “member”. At this level you will be able to post on the forum and review items in the store. After 10 days and a small amount of activity on the blog or forum you will graduate to the “active member” level, which will add the ability to send private messages and include photos with your posts.

Read more on the member levels help page.

Member Roles

As you participate on YLF you will earn roles like reviewer, pundit, comedian, cheerleader and wise owl. Aside from bringing a bit of fun to the process, these roles allow new members to get a sense of the past participation of existing members. Some roles are calculated automatically based on the amount that a member participates, but other roles are based on appreciation points that members award each other in the forum.

Read more on the member roles help page.