There are different levels of membership at YLF based on your length of membership and your participation in the community. Your member level is displayed on your profile page and below your profile picture in blog comments, forum posts and store reviews.


When you first join YLF you will immediately reach the Member level and have access to most of the features of the site. You can comment on the blog, start conversations in the forum, reply to other people's conversations, post reviews in the store and set up your profile page.

Active Members

After a short period of time and some initial participation on YLF, you will become an Active Member. Specifically, you need to fulfill the following two criteria:

  1. Be a member for at least 3 days
  2. Write 3 posts or replies in the forum

Active Members get access to additional features:

  • Photo Uploads: Active Members can include photos in their forum posts
  • Private Messaging: Active Members can send and receive private messages
  • Member Directory: Active Members can search the member directory
  • Appreciation Points: Active Members can give and receive appreciation points in the forum


After an extended period of participation on YLF you will become a YLF Veteran. The specific criteria are as follows:

  • Be a member for at least 365 days
  • Earn 2 permanent roles for your participation

Veterans are invited to participate more deeply in some aspects of managing the YLF community and defining its future.

Special Levels

Angie (Fashion Stylist), Greg (Administrator) and Inge (Moderator) have special levels that allow them to perform management tasks on the site.