Here is a list of the acronyms that are often seen in forum conversations. It is by no means compulsory to use them — we just compiled this list in case you come across one you don’t know.

7FAM: 7 for all Mankind

ALGO: A Lot Going On

AT: Ann Taylor

ATL: Ann Taylor Loft

BBQ: Buy Buy Quick

BF: Boyfriend

BR: Banana Republic

CM: Club Monaco

COH: Citizens of Humanity

CPW: Cost Per Wear

CRS: Constructive Rating System

DD: Dear Daughter

DH: Dear Husband

DS: Dear Son

ETA: Edited to Add

FFBO: Fast Fallback Outfit

FTW: For The Win

FWIW: For What It’s Worth

FYI: For Your Information

IMO: In My Opinion

IMHO: In My Humble Opinion

IT: Inverted Triangle

K/R: Keep or Return

KS: Kate Spade

K/T: Keep or Toss

LE: Land’s End

LLL: Long Lean Line

MDAL: Mutton Dressed as Lamb

MIL: Mother-In-Law

MOTB: Mother of the Bride

MOTG: Mum On The Go

MVP: Most Valuable (or Versatile) Players

NAS: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

NM: Neiman Marcus

Nordies: Nordstrom

ON: Old Navy

OT: Off Topic

OTK: Over the Knee

OTOH: On the Other Hand

OTT: Over The Top

PPL: Perfect Pants Length

PPP: Patient, Picky, Practical

PPW: Price per Wear

R&B: Rag and Bone

RATE: Rough Around the Edges

ROI: Return On Investment

SA: Sales Assistant

SAHM: Stay At Home Mum

SO: Significant Other

SVP: S’il Vous Plait (please)

SW: Stuart Weitzman

SYB: Shop Your Budget

SYC: Shop Your Closet

TB: Tory Burch

TCPITW: The Cutest Purse in the World

TIA: Thanks in advance

TMI: Too Much Information

TMGO: Too Much Going On

TTS:  True To Size

UWP: Urban Warrior Princess

VPL: Visible Panty Line

WHBM: White House Black Market

WIW: What I Wore

YLF: You Look Fab

YMMV: Your Mileage May Vary

YO: Your Opinion