I’m Greg, Angie’s husband and her partner in YouLookFab. It was on a flight from New York to Seattle in late 2005 that I said to Angie “you should start a blog”. Angie said, “what’s a blog?”, and our style and technology collaboration was born.

I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and started programming when I was 13 years old. After a bachelor degree and Ph.D. in Electronics I spent a fun decade building machines that mimicked aspects of the human visual system for industrial, medical and mining applications. I then had the privilege to do an MBA at the awesome INSEAD business school near Paris, and moved on to Microsoft in Seattle where I worked in a variety of business and technical roles relating to consumer electronics and mobile software.

The start of Angie’s blog got me to dip my toes into web development and pretty soon I was hooked. Since then, designing and building YLF has been an enormously fun and rewarding learning curve. These days it is a more full-time pursuit and I take care of all the technical and business aspects of YLF. Join me here on the backstage blog, on my own personal blog, expletive inserted, or on Twitter.