Angie Cox

My name is Angélique (Angie for short). I’m Dutch by nationality, grew up in Hong Kong, and I’ve also lived in South Africa, France and the United States. I studied Psychology and Fashion Design and before starting YLF I spent 14 years in the international fashion industry, predominantly as a specialist buyer for ladies’ wear.

When I’m not immersed in YLF I am working as a fashion stylist for individual clients in Seattle and also further afield. I also spend one day every fortnight volunteering as a personal dresser for a non-profit organization, Dress For Success Seattle. My client base ranges from sizes 0-34 and ages 17 to 75. My clients work hard and I’m known to be quite the slave driver, but we laugh as hard as we work so I’m normally forgiven for that. I absolutely love what I do.

My consulting business allows me to work with clients one to one, but YLF allows me to offer advice to a much larger audience. I would love for you to join the discussion by commenting on my posts or contributing in the forum. Your respectful opinions are always appreciated.

Greg Cox

I’m Greg, Angie’s husband and her partner in YouLookFab. It was on a flight from New York to Seattle in late 2005 that I said to Angie “you should start a blog”. Angie said, “what’s a blog?”, and our style and technology collaboration was born.

I grew up in Cape Town, South Africa, and started programming when I was 13 years old. After a bachelor degree and Ph.D. in Electronics I spent a fun decade building machines that mimicked aspects of the human visual system for industrial, medical and mining applications. I then had the privilege to do an MBA at the awesome INSEAD business school near Paris, and moved on to Microsoft in Seattle where I worked in a variety of business and technical roles relating to consumer electronics and mobile software.

The start of Angie’s blog got me to dip my toes into web development and pretty soon I was hooked. Since then, designing and building YLF has been an enormously fun and rewarding learning curve. These days it is a more full-time pursuit and I take care of all the technical and business aspects of YLF. Join me here on the backstage blog, on my own personal blog, expletive inserted, or on Twitter.

Inge Geleyn

My name is Inge, I live in Antwerp and am a lucky duck because Belgium’s central location makes it the perfect base for exploring most European cities. For a city gal like myself, nothing beats a day of wandering around town, taking in the mix of street style and designer fashion, doing a spot of shopping and getting a taste of the local cuisine and culture.

I have a masters degree in Translation and 17 years of experience in the editorial, marketing and printing side of the publishing industry. In addition to my involvement in YLF I currently work as an independent writer and translator, specializing in travel, books, lifestyle and food. Playing with language until every last detail falls into place makes me happy. Helping people find things is my other passion. From a new good read, an evening bag in an unusual colour to a quaint Parisian B&B or gift and decorating ideas for a children’s party… researching every option out there and coming up with something a little unexpected and “very you” is my idea of a dream job.

In 2008 a style renewal was in order. While scouring the internet for advice on how to achieve a more professional and polished look, I found YLF. Angie’s style philosophy really resonated with me, I devoured the entire archives in a few sittings and never left. Since October 2011 I write for YLF, coordinate our competitions, run YLF Books (including the book club) and help with community support. Feel free to send me a private message any time you want to chat about books or need to have some sleuthing done.

Rosie and Jasmine

Don’t let the others fool you, we’re in charge. We were born in Pretoria, South Africa, and the United States marks our third continent. Our role on YLF is somewhere between mascot and muse, but we also liven up the outfit photos from time to time. It’s hard work but we like to step up to the plate, especially when said plate is covered in treats.

Our little Jasmine passed away on 27 February 2011 and Rosie joined her on July 29 2013, but they live on in our hearts.