YLF has recently reorganized our leadership structure and I am pleased and honoured to announce that I am the new CEO. Starting today, Angie and Greg will formally report to me. You will continue to receive the fashion and style content that you’re accustomed to, but I will definitely be making some changes around here. 

I joined the YLF team four years ago. During that time I have steadily climbed the corporate ladder. As an entry level associate, most of my job was about ensuring that Angie and Greg had the moral support they needed while they ran the business. Given my alertness, and, frankly, a very fierce disposition when it’s required, it wasn’t long before I was promoted to Head of Security. This was a formative role in my career thus far, and even now that I’m at an executive level, I will always think of myself as chief protector of the organization. 

It was when Greg started regular weekly travel to Salt Lake City that I really needed to step up. Angie spends several hours a day writing blog posts and participating on the YLF forum, but even with all the online interaction, things can get lonely. So I became Angie’s right hand. She counted on me for encouragement, inspiration and therapeutic support. I guess it was a natural transition for me to become her manager.

Which brings us to this leadership change. For some time I have felt that it would be best for the business if Angie and Greg spent more time here at the YLF corporate headquarters with me. Angie was way too distracted by shopping and outfit creation sessions with clients. Greg spent far too much time in our Utah office. So I put down my paw, and for the last five weeks they have been staying here with me almost all of the time. This episode made it clear that I was really the one making the big decisions. And as such, it was time for me to formally take over as CEO. 

As for the changes I’m making, they’re all about increasing business effectiveness. I’m instituting a mandatory playtime policy, because Greg and Angie are definitely more productive if they take regular breaks from normal tasks. I am also insisting on more regular walks, which are a very healthy way to conduct executive meetings, and also necessary for some… other things I need to do outside on a regular basis. I will also be tightening up security — there are way too many seagulls outside the apartment these days and I’m sure they’re involved in corporate espionage.


What lies ahead for me, you ask? Well, now that I have reached the pinnacle of business leadership I have my sights set on politics. I’m not sure exactly what it will be, but I’m sure that there’s a global leadership role in my future.