Ensemble: Dark Summer Floral

This ensemble was inspired by clients of mine who enjoy wearing florals with black backgrounds because the effect is more Hard Edge. A black background tempers the priss, twee and pretty, which is what they dislike about wearing florals in other colours. Florals with black backgrounds are easy to pair with black footwear, which complements the Hard Edge theme. Some are fine to sport florals on an ink to navy background, but it’s not as preferable as black. The flowers themselves can be in neutrals or colours. 

There are many ways to incorporate dark florals into a Summer outfit. Make the dark floral item the star of the show and finish things off with a solid support act. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Floral Star: Think dark floral blouse, tee, knitted top, skirt, pair of pants, kimono, jacket, vest, gilet or dress. The colours of the flowers can be whatever tickles your fancy – from pastel to bright, or earth-toned and neutral. If a dark floral clothing item doesn’t tickle your fancy, think dark floral accessory like a bag or scarf. 

Solid Support Act: Pair dark floral tops with black bottoms that work with the style of the top. Pair dark floral skirts and pants with a black or white top. Jeans can work as well for bottoms and so can adding a denim jacket to a floral dress. 

Footwear: Black footwear works well with dark floral patterns, so choose a style in black that works with the outfit. That said, feel free to throw in metallic, white, blush or red footwear. 

Accessories: Choose a bag that works with the outfit in either black, metallic, white, blush or a bright. Matching bag to footwear pulls the outfit together, but is not essential. Add a dark floral scarf in a complementary pattern if you dare. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. 

Ensemble: Dark Summer Floral

I’ve been on a bright Summer floral blouse binge this year because brights make me happy.  I do like dark florals but prefer to sport them in Winter. How about you?





Link Love: Put on Your Sunnies

We’re having a bit of a heatwave in Belgium at the moment, so I’ve been wearing my sunglasses daily. I wouldn’t mind a second pair though so that I can mix things up. If anyone else is looking for fun sunnies, here’s some extra inspiration:

Fab Links from Our Members

Street style is fun to watch, and vintage street style even more so, says Skylurker. Take a look at this photo snapped in Amsterdam in 1982.

La Belle Demimondaine’s obsession with the personal uniform concept is still going strong. But it never occurred to her that you could reverse-engineer the process: “The key question you’re asking is, What behavior do we want to produce and what impression do we want to portray?” Dr. Galinksy said. “You work backward from that into that uniform.”

JAileen thought this NYT’s article about the golfers wearing ‘millennial pink’ in the U.S. Open was interesting.

Classically Casual is semi-intrigued by Amazon’s new fashion shopping service for Prime members. She is curious if any of us purchase clothing from Amazon regularly?

Chris987 enjoyed this long read on How T.J. Maxx Is Bucking the Crisis in Retailing.

Aquamarine was very surprised to read that many T.J. Maxx items are not department store leftovers but rather clothes bought directly from manufacturers.

La Pedestrienne wants us to check out this gorgeous dress made by an Alaskan artist — out of salmon bones!

Minimalist lets us know that you can download free fashion books from The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Prabal Gurung revealed that his plus-size collaboration with Lane Bryant caused ‘snickering’ in the fashion world. Shevia says: “Hard to believe how difficult it is to cater to the majority of women.”

Silver reports that Google’s searchable fashion database is a veritable treasure trove that “puts three millennia of fashion at your fingertips.”

Aquamarine found this Guardian article about the absence of middle-aged models relevant because she’s become a little frustrated when searching for certain outfits on Pinterest featuring over 50 (even over 40!) models, bloggers, or women in general. She adds: “It makes me question if I should even be wearing a certain item when I can’t find anyone around my age wearing it (I’m 53).” 

Jenni NZ reports that there is one fifty-something model, Mercy Brewer, who is getting a lot of work in New Zealand, but she too still represents the “tall and slim” body type.

Cherylm found this article about How Millennials Killed J.Crew an interesting read.

Fab Outfit For a Curvy Bottom Half

I worked with a gorgeous pear-shaped client last week, who wears two to three sizes bigger on the bottom than on top. We put lots of fun outfits together, and the one I’m describing here was one of my favourites. Wearing a dress over pants was initially out of my client’s comfort zone, but she gave it a whirl and loved it. She can wear this combination on casual Fridays, when she’s out and about, hosting a get-together at home, or going to dinner at night. 

We combined KUT’s Kurvy Ankle Skinny Jeans with Zara’s Tulip Dress and Paul Green’s Margo Cross Strap Flat. We popped a black camisole under the dress because it’s a little low. I suggested a little lace peaking out from under the V-neck for an alluring and pretty effect. We finished off the outfit with a wrap that picks up the orange in the tulips of the dress to wear as a topper for when it’s cooler at night. A metallic clutch adds a pop of sparkle. 

The jeans are an excellent fit for curvy hips, bottom and thighs. The swingy silhouette of the dress is fun and flattering over a curvy bottom half. No clinging, whiskering, or need for shapewear. The strappy ballet flats add a feminine and refined touch, and work well on wider feet. The wrap adds a soft vibe. My client looked beautiful and was very comfortable.


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Weekly Roundup: Tops & Bottoms

Here’s a selection of tops and bottoms that have worked well on my clients recently, or simply caught my eye. There are lots of patterns and colours this season, which I’ve very much enjoyed. Get your fill before retailers go dark and solid for Fall and Winter. Be sure to browse all the colour options. 

  • Banana Republic Easy Care Snake-Print Ruffle Blouse: The draped ruffles on this blouse are SUBLIME. You need to try it on to appreciate the magic. You have to wear taupe well though, so consider yourself warned. It's subtle. Best on a small bust and narrow shoulder line. Very good on pear shapes that fit that body type description. Runs a size big.
  • Banana Republic Tiered Ruffle Maxi Skirt: Amazing ruffled midi for Team Tall. Romantic, and brilliant with a white knot-front tee and sneakers. Do NOT try this style unless you are tall because it cannot be hemmed.
  • Banana Republic Sailor Stripe Boat-Neck Pullover: Good Modern Classic boat neck stripe that works best on narrow shoulders, small bust and a long neck. Tailored, yet slightly fluid. I did not think it's a snag fest as described in the reviews. All the colours are nice. The ink blue followed me home to keep my other wardrobe essentials company. Runs short so not good on long torsos unless you want a shorter top to wear with wide crops.
  • Banana Republic Floral Bell-Sleeve Knit Dress: A frock that works on a straighter and curvier bottom half. Best on broad shoulders, shorter neck, and larger bust. Fab as a tunic over cropped straights too.
  • Banana Republic Easy Care Floral Bow-Sleeve Top: Pretty blouse for a long-necked and small-busted gal. Great with black pants. Sleeves are fussy, so you have to be okay with that. And it's a little sheer - but the coverage of the pattern works wonders.
  • Banana Republic Avery-Fit Snake-Print Pant: AMAZING pants on a curvy bottom half. The substantial fabric drapes beautifully over the thighs and the waist is tailored. Looked much better on my pear-shaped clients than on the model. No whiskering. Not good on straighter bodies, narrow hips and narrow thighs.
  • KUT from the Kloth Reese Release Hem Floral Straight Leg Jeans: Patterned pants that work best on a straighter or slightly curvy figure. A little waist adjustment is an easy alteration if there's gaping, and so is hacking off some length. Fab substantial fabric.
  • Zara Tulip Dress: Swing tunic to wear over leggings, cropped skinnies or cropped straights. Excellent on a pear shape. Fitted on the shoulder and through the sleeves, and voluminous on the midsection. Needs a little camisole for the low V-neck if you're worried about exposure. Modern Retro.
  • Zara Floral Embroidery Shirt: One of the best oversized embroidered shirts I've seen all season. High-low hemline, very light and gauzy, and flattering despite the volume because of the great drape. Works on and assortment of body types. Size down.
  • Zara Frilled Top: Fab flamenco blouse to wear with wide crops or culottes. All the colours are nice. Substantial fabric.
  • Zara Lace Blouse With Bell Sleeves: A good top for a tall pear shape. The lace is soft and not scratchy. Does not crease, and holds its shape well. Festive and romantic for travel.
  • Halogen Knit Cold Shoulder Tee: A fluid cold shoulder top that works on a range of body types. Needs a semi-tuck on a body type with a defined waist. Read the rave reviews.
  • Zara Tunic With Puffy Sleeves: Dramatic tunic shirt for the long-waisted gal to wear over cropped skinnies, cropped straights or full-length bootcuts. The sleeves are very voluminous so consider yourself warned. A long-waisted large-busted gal might find this bust-accentuating.
  • Vince Camuto Slub Linen Blend Sweater: Good top for a tall larger-busted apple, hourglass or rectangle. Might need to size down. Nice fabric and rich colours. A little sheer.
  • Hei Hei | Anthropologie Striped Linen Joggers: Comfy and very breezy linen pants that work on an assortment of body types. Cool yet covered. Best rolled at the hem. Size down.
  • Farm Rio | Anthropologie Chevron Knit Skirt: VERY fun chevron knitted skirt that moulds to the body. Works on most body types if you don't mind showcasing your curves. Good length.
  • Pilcro | Anthropologie Pilcro Embroidered High-Rise Slim Flounced Jeans: Flounced studded jeans are fun and trendy. These are super soft, run big, and work on both a curvier and straighter figure. Not good on a short waist.
  • Elevenses | Anthropologie Gardener Silk Wide-Legs: Super cute patio pants to wear with a fluid semi-tucked tee or cropped boxy top.
  • Chino By Anthropologie | Anthropologie Relaxed Chino Pants: Fab chino for a curvier bottom half. Works as well on straighter body types, although you might need to size down. It sits on the hips and is quite low rise and relaxed. Very lightweight. MANY colours to chose from. Fun twisted seam.
  • Eri + Ali | Anthropologie Windward Top: Fab breezy top for a larger bust and short waist. Does not need a camisole. Despite the volume, there is adequate structure on the waist. Crease-free and forgiving of perspiration marks. Runs big so size down.

Visit the collection page to see the items alongside my descriptions.

Summer Dress with Blue Suede Shoes

A new outfit from E of District of Chic, whom we introduced to YLF in November 2016.

Powder blue suede oxfords and a coral ribbon on the fedora add an unexpected touch of colour to this Summer look. E is sporting a relaxed above-the-knee shirtdress in a pale shade of blush. She’s dressed it up with a tailored white blazer that is low-contrast against the blush dress. E’s pastel-coloured oxfords add subtle punch and give the outfit a hint of tomboy vibe. Her rose-gold cuff bracelet, cocktail ring and rosy lipgloss enhance the tonal colour palette. A cute mini straw bucket bag makes everything feel extra Summery.

District of Chic - 1

District of-Chic - 2