Fab Finds: Ecco Boots

Many of my clients enjoy Ecco boots. The collection below shows Ecco boot styles that have been winners on my clients in the last two years. Notably, the Ecco Sculpted LX 35 bootie has been the Ecco bootie winner of the season, and particulary in the Winter White. Visually, it has an outstanding sculptured round heel that packs lots of punch.

It’s very comfy, robust, and chunky in a refined way. Grippy soles. Neat ankle fit. It has two sets of insoles that are removable so you can insert orthotics, or remove one insole to create a roomier fit. It’s fab for high insteps and arches, and can work with smaller bunions too. Comes in black, textured black, and black patent. It has a higher heeled and higher shaft sibling, the Ecco Sculpted LX 55 Bootie, in case you prefer that option. Fab pretty notch detailing on the ankle opening.

The Ecco Classic Zip Waterproof Combat Boot works well on a narrower foot with lower arches that can handle flat heels. The Ecco Classic 35 Bootie can accommodate bunions comfortably if your feet aren’t very wide. The Ecco Nouvelle Lace Leather Boot in the white is super soft and has a striking edge to it. The Ecco Modtray Water Resistant Bootie has been an excellent woodsy walking shoe.

Some styles are weatherproof, some styles are on sale, and some silhouettes run wider than others. Browse the collection, the colour options, and read the reviews.

Outfit Formula: Winter White Jeans

If you like to wear off-white, cream, or ecru jeans casually in the Autumn and Winter, here are some neutral and solid outfit ideas. They are easy to pull together and might be just your cup of tea. 

The components of the formula:

Winter White Jeans: Choose a pair of jeans in your white and preferred silhouette. This might be off-white and cream for some, and ecru or bone for others.

Top: Pair the jeans with a neutral and fluid, or oversized sweater. Think black, light grey, navy, charcoal, olive, cream, stone, metallic, or earth tones. Wear the sweater untucked or semi-tucked.

Footwear: Ground the outfit with casual black, cream, tan, navy, cognac, olive, grey, metallic, or brown boots. Clogs, loafers, or oxfords can work too. You might like to match the colour of the sweater with the boots. Like black sweater with black boots. Toffee sweater with toffee, tan or brown boots. Silver sweater with silver boots.

Topper: Top the lot off with a casual and neutral topper like a short or long puffer, a quilted jacket, bomber jacket, moto, fleece jacket, parka, peacoat, or casual wool coat.

Accessories: Complete the look with a bag that works with the outfit. For some it’s a casual tote, belt bag, or crossbody. For others it might be a structured satchel or shoulder bag. Add jewellery, belt, eyewear and watch as desired.

I have a pair of thick ecru balloon jeans that I like to wear in colder weather. When I wear them with neutrals, I like them best with a striped navy and cream sweater, so not a solid top! That said, I like them with a solid cream or navy sweater too. I finish off the look with cream boots and bag, and a navy or oatmeal coat. Sometimes a toffee moto. Here are the exact items from my wardrobe.

Don’t Make Common Bra Fit Mistakes

The right bra improves the fit of your clothing and is more comfortable to wear. Choose wireless versions or bralettes if underwires are not for you. Wear the right size. Going too wide in the band and too small in the cup is a common fit mistake. 

Wear The Right Bra Size

Finding a comfy, great fitting bra is challenging. Before you commit to a new bra, try it with tops. Make sure you like the shape, texture and feel in clothes. Budget permitting, buy multiples and stick with the same style after finding that elusive winner.

Re-fit and adjust your bra size when your body changes. The right size will change with weight loss and gain. Also remember to regularly replenish your bras because they are worn and laundered more frequently than the other items in your wardrobe.


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An Abundance of Texture

Today we are checking in with six of our outfit bloggers to see how they are interpreting Angie’s Fab Fall Textures Outfit Formula. Each have their unique way of adding a few or many texture-rich touches to their outfits. All equally fab. 


Susan is sporting dark brown coated wide leg jeans with a beige V-neck cardigan worn as a top. The coated denim looks like faux leather and, together with the soft cashmere cardigan, adds lots of textural interest. By pairing these dressier elements with white and gold metallic sneakers, the outfit takes the Sporty Luxe route. The texture-rich pebbled leather satchel isn’t an exact match with the trousers and works well with the neutral colour palette. Statement jewellery in the form of an oversized tortoiseshell chain-link bracelet and gold chain-link necklace add subtle glam. Mustard-rimmed sunnies and raspberry lipstick complete the look.


Claudia is also wearing a cardigan as a top, and has picked a Black Watch above-the-knee pencil skirt as the base of her colour palette. The Kelly green cropped cardi echoes the green in the blue and green wool skirt, while the chunky knit cable-pattern brings plenty of cosy texture. Our blogger’s argyle tights match the two shades of blue in the skirt, and playfully pattern mix with the checks. She introduces even more texture with both footwear and handbag. The on-trend mid-brown suede cowboy boots bring an autumnal earth tone into the mix. Claudia’s dark brown croc embossed crossbody adds both texture and shine.


Marta dresses up straight leg blue jeans with a champagne pussy-bow blouse with elegant balloon sleeves. The blouse’s silky material is the first way she adds texture to this polished casual look. Lots more is added by way of the statement cape that combines a grey and black leopard print with a brown, black, and grey graphic pattern, and playful black fringe. The textural party continues with cream suede loafers with animal print buckle that cleverly refers back to all the animal print in the outfit. Finally, a brown and black snakeskin satchel adds structure, polish, and even more texture.


Velvet and faux leather are the main textural elements here, and they pack quite the powerful punch. Cathy has tucked a fitted turtleneck into black ankle-length faux-leather wide leg trousers. Tucking the top lengthens the leg line, and its psychedelic white, black and brown pattern ties the outfit colours together. For me, the star of the show is the tailored satin-trim velvet blazer in a rich rust colour. It looks striking with Cathy’s beautiful red hair, and would be perfect to wear to any holiday event. Black Modern Classic horsebit loafers and a quilted faux-leather crossbody with silver chain strap complete this dressy look.


Tweed is the texture of choice in Sabra’s tonal brown pattern-mixed Fall look. Our clever blogger found a skirt and jacket in very similar shades of brown, and two patterns that aren’t an exact match, and work so well together that they make for an amazing skirt suit. The cropped tailored double-breasted jacket in a small houndstooth print creates kicky structure. The checked pattern on the subtly flared midi skirt is almost like an optical illusion that draws the eye up and down. Tucking a crisp white button-down adds a strict touch that’s trademark Sabra, and fully shows the dark brown waistband, making it look like a belt. White square-toed heels echo the white in the blouse and skirt. Their gold decorative chains add fun textural interest and bling. Sabra takes the pattern mixing one step further with sheer ankle socks with a unique two-toned ‘60s-lampshade pattern. A mid-brown braided clutch and gold oversized diamond-shaped earrings are the texture-rich finishing touches.


This magenta Mara Gibbucci coat is a work of art and fits Dayle’s arty, avant-garde style to a tee. Dayle lets her showstopper coat do all the talking by pairing it with black booties, black cowl-neck sweater and black cropped lantern pants. The texture-rich bouclé coat has a light grey lining that’s not only visible on the collar but also peeks out from subtle horizontal cut-outs to add some contrast. The tailored shoulders add structure, the coat then starts to flare out from the bust down to come in again at the bottom, forming a voluminous balloon silhouette that echoes the style of the trousers. Longer vertical details in a slightly darker shade of magenta are another fun design detail. As is the stitched criss-cross pattern along the bust. Oversized buttons in brushed metal, triangular earrings, and Dayle’s beautiful curls add further texture.

I can’t wait to hear what you think of these texture-rich looks. Let us know in the comments, and feel free to share how you have been incorporating texture into your outfits lately.

The Practical Two-Way Zipper

I’ve posted about two-way zippers before, but it bears repeating in case you’re unsure how they work. I often see an aha moment when I show my clients and friends how to use and style a two-way zipper. They are most common on coats and jackets, and occasionally also included on knitwear and other tops. 

To recap, a two-way zipper can be opened from both the top and the bottom. It works like a regular zipper thereby opening and closing the garment completely. It also allows you to unzip the bottom part of the garment while the top part stays zipped up. The picture shows a two-way zipper in action on a shorter jacket.

The Re:Down Puffer

Unzipping the bottom of a two-way zipper gives you room on the bottom of the jacket or coat, which facilitates movement. It comes in handy when you’re striding, driving, sitting or taking public transport wearing outerwear. On a short jacket, it can be comfortable to keep your chest insulated while the lower part of your torso is ventilating. Visually, it looks interesting by allowing the bottom part of a top to peek through the front of the jacket.

I like two-way zippers, and prefer them to one-way zippers on zipped outerwear and tops. I like to have the option of unzipping the bottom if I need a little extra room, and visually I like the effect of the upside-down V. I haven’t found two-way zippers less robust or more finicky than one-way zippers, nor have I found them to unzip from the bottom when you want them to stay put.

So far my experience with two-way zippers has been very good. It’s not a deal-breaker if my zipped outerwear has a one-way zipper, although I’d prefer a two-way. How about you? Do you use the two-way zippers on your clothing?