My Stay-at-Home Accessory Style

Last week we discussed how our day-to-day styles have been affected by working from home. For fun I broke it down into five levels, of which levels 2 and 4 are currently the most popular. Today we’re going to drill down to accessories and share how that part of our styles has changed, if at all. I’ll go first.

For the most part, my accessory style is unchanged during self-isolation at home with Greg and Sam. I wasn’t a big jewellery wearer to begin with, so there was little to remove in that respect. I continue to wear my specs daily, red during the day, and green at night. The green specs are more comfortable for lounging and watching tele, so that’s why I swap them out. Without fail, I’m wearing my Apple watch to monitor physical and social activity, and one or two pearl necklaces to keep up the glam. Keeping things glam is understandably unimportant and trivial to most, but it makes me happy which keeps me calm, productive and positive. So why not!

I don’t wear earrings and I’m not into belts on this leg of my style journey. I’m wearing knee-highs during the day, and cosy socks at night as always. I carry a crossbody bag or satchel when I go out with Sam or grocery shop. And because our Springs are cool, I sometimes need a scarf during the day.

I am leaving off my wedding ring and pearl bracelets. They were getting in the way of excess hand washing, sanitizing, hand creaming, cleaning, cooking and drying. I was worried about ruining the pearls on my rings, and then became paranoid that germs would accumulate on the metal surfaces of the jewellery despite sanitizing and washing. So at the moment, I’m without my hand candy, but the rest of my accessory style is just the same.

Over to you. Which accessories are you continuing to wear and leave off as we practice social distancing and stay at home?

Edgy Earth Tones in Spring and Summer

One of the reasons that Spring shopping is a personal favourite is because of the yummy-to-me colour palettes. I love sour brights, rich mid-tones, shades of dark blue, some pastels, and anything in a crisp shade of white. Wardrobe items are easier to find in the colours that make me happy as collections unfold for Spring and Summer. They are harder to find in Fall and Winter collections.

But traditional Spring colours might not be your cup of tea, in which case throw them out the window and wear YOUR favourite colours for Spring and Summer. It doesn’t matter what they are, as long as the silhouettes and fabrics of the items work with your climate and lifestyle.

Topshop Slit Bias Cut Satin Midi Skirt

I stumbled across this outfit in a traditional Autumn colour palette. While it works well for a very mild Fall day, you can wear it on a warm Spring or cool Summer day too. Perhaps swap out the furry bag for a regular leather or faux leather animal print if furry trims are reserved for cold weather only.

There are no rules about the appropriate time to wear certain colours. Your colours are always in style, and you should wear them whenever you want to, and in any combination that tickles your fancy. It’s a personal choice whether you want to change the palettes of your outfits to suit the seasons, or stick to one palette for the year.

If the specific components of this outfit aren’t to your taste, focus on the colour combination, which is the part that inspired me for my own clients who like to wear earth tones and black year round. Remixing cinnamon, mustard and toffee with charcoal grey, black, and classic animal print is fabulous. The pop of bright blue and white accents in the top work well and are unexpected. I can see a dark blue denim or black topper in the mix too.

Over to you. Who likes to wear traditional Autumn colours all year round?

Fashion News Roundup: March 2020

As everywhere else, fashion news this month was dominated by reportage about the global COVID-19 pandemic.

We at YLF hope you are staying safe and healthy.


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Outfit Formula: Quiet Plaid Pants

love plaid (or checked) pants, and have several pairs. I’ve worn them since I was a teen and consider them part of my signature style. When it comes to pants, I like bold checks and subtle checks, and every check in between. Bright, neutral, small, big, low contrast, high contrast — I’ve worn them all. 

At the moment, I have six pairs of plaid pants (the the exact items in the collection below.) Currently, all the checks are “quiet,” although it wasn’t planned that way. They are mostly micro in size, low contrast, and fairly neutral. Some pairs I wear year round and others are seasonal. Every checked pant in my wardrobe is a workhorse. I wear them as frequently as my jeans, although they are dressier. I remix them with brights, pastels, and neutrals, and pattern mix a lot with them too. They are awfully versatile and function like false plains in my wardrobe.

Here are four easy outfit ideas with quiet checked pants.

1. Moto and Sneakers

This is a great one for Team Untucked Top. Combine a pair of quiet neutral plaid pants with an untucked white pullover, blouse, tee or shirt, and white sneakers. Top things off with a black moto jacket to finish off the look. Here the black and white top layers bookend the white sneakers with the black stripe. Fably matchy-matchy. White sneakers, or black sneakers with white soles would work well too. Or if you insist, a pair of black boots.

M&S Freya Checked Relaxed Straight Trousers

2. Dark Pattern Mix

This is for Team Dark Neutrals. Combine dark neutral plaid pants with a solid top to match. Throw in a patterned topper in the same palette, and finish things off with dark footwear that works with the bottoms. Or swap things around by wearing a dark patterned top in the same palette with a solid topper.

Anthropologie Velvet by Graham and Spencer

3. Glam, Heeled and Pretty

This is the most maximal and dressy of the four renditions and for Team Heels. Combine a pair of quiet grey plaid pants with an earthy top and gold heels. Finish things off with a pastel pink topper. The gold shoes and mustard top are complementary. The pink is unexpected, as are the glitzy dressy pumps. Loving how the hoops mirror the glitz of the pumps.

Wide-leg High-rise Tapered Pant In Glen Plaid

4. White Support Act

Here’s a simple rendition to end off with, and my favourite because it’s awfully crisp, and I adore white shoes. Generally, you can sandwich most pairs of quiet plaid pants with a white top and white footwear to create a cohesive and pulled together look. Choose a dressy or casual white support act. Wearing a white camisole under a white top makes the white look brighter. Tuck, semi-tuck or untuck the top. Add jewellery, watch and bag as desired.

3.1 Phillip Lim Windowpane Pants

Link Love: Staying-In Style

Now that many of us are working and staying at home, fashion sites worldwide are talking about what to wear in this new reality, with a focus on comfy attire. Here’s a roundup:

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Vildy was shocked to read that some sneaker soles last 1,000 years in landfill.

Alyson’s post about sturdy clothes and staying calm in a pandemic really resonated with nuancedream.

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