Team Red or Team Purple

You are on Team Red if you prefer red to purple, and vice versa. Red includes everything from tomato red, fire engine, and watermelon, to a rich wine, brick red, claret, crimson, ruby, scarlet, and red burgundy. Purple includes everything from lavender, periwinkle, heather, mauve and lilac, to bright orchid, amethyst, violet, and deep grape, indigo, plum and eggplant. Take your pick.

As far as my friends, family and clients go, my guess is that they’d be evenly split. For some of my friends, purple is their favourite colour and it’s fun to give them purple things. I have zero purple in my wardrobe and home because it’s not a colour I gravitate to. Of course, I love it on those who enjoy wearing purple because it looks smashing and makes their hearts happy.

I bat firmly for Team Red. A sour, bright tomato red is one of my favourite and best colours. In smaller doses I wear watermelon, fire engine, wine, and red burgundies. I’ve worn bright reds my entire life, throughout the year, and don’t plan on stopping. Hubs Greg wears a deep red to perfection, and red sneakers are signature to his style. Yorkies Sam and Jo wear red harnesses, sweaters, coats, and collars. Our home decor incorporates red too. The Cox Castle bats for Team Red.

Here are the red items in my wardrobe.

Hackness Wool Jacket
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Rosie Jersey Top
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Furla Handbag
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Classic Belt
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Roll-neck merino jumper
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Over to you. Do you bat for Team Red or Team Purple? Tell us why. It’s tradition that on the eve of Thanksgiving in the US, you can bat for both teams. If you bat for neither, you can cheer from the sidelines. I shan’t be serving a meal on the bench because I’m busy cooking veggie sides to take to friends for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

If you’re in the US, we wish you a joyful, festive and peaceful long Thanksgiving weekend. The YLF team will be taking time off till Monday, although I’ll be back on Friday with a top picks list.

Outfit Formula: Black Party Pants

For those who like to wear black pants, these outfit ideas might be helpful. You’ll need dressy black pants in a silhouette and fabric that works for you. Coated denim, velvet, leather, crepe, wool, wool blends, and faux leather all work well. Black jeans in a uniform and dark black wash can work, and so can pinstriped black pants. Black wide leg and wide cropped Ponte pants have been popular with clients too.

These outfits are very neutral. You can stick to black, white, cream, grey, tan, metallics, chocolate brown, navy, and earth tones. Or throw in quiet darks like forest green, eggplant, and teal. Top off all looks with a jacket or coat that works with the weather and ensemble.

1. Dressy Cream Blouse

This is an outfit for a very mild day because of the sandals and sheer blouse. But you can swap those out for a warmer dressy cream top (like a dressy sweater), and cream boots for cold weather. Here, straight leg faux leather black pants are combined with a dressy cream sheer polkadot blouse with matching camisole. It’s semi-tucked, but if it’s not too long wear it untucked. Finish off the look with dressy closed or open shoes, a small bag, and festive jewellery. This is stunning and my favourite of the four. I LOVE the blouse, which has a back neck-tie, so I’ve ordered it.

Dressy Cream Blouse

2. Velvet Top

Here’s a very simple and more casual way to wear black bottoms in a festive way. Combine a pair of wide cropped or full-length black jeans with a warm velvet top in a colour that tickles your fancy. This is a roomy dark green velvet tee that is semi-tucked to create ease. The boxy fit creates ease too. The casual outfit is elevated with a dressy pair of shoes. I like how the length of these jeans showcases the shoes. Feel free to choose dressy flats or boots instead. Add some bling and a bag to match.

Velvet Top

Here are some velvet tops.

3. Textured Sweater

A black sweater in a subtle pattern, with sparkle, or in an interesting texture is fabulous with dressy black pants. Here, I like the textural mix of the cosy and slightly chunky knit with what looks like shiny faux leather or coated denim straight leg pants. The long chunky lariat necklace is gorgeous over the top of the sweater. The dressy heeled sandals with bare feet look seasonally confused to my eye, but if you like the vibe – go for it. I’d have chosen dressy closed shoes like pumps, loafers, ballet flats or boots. Keep them black, tan, cream, or metallic.

Textured Sweater

4. Black Lace

If you enjoy wearing black from head to toe, try combining a black lace top with dressy black pants. The texture of the lace breaks up the expanse of black and adds a good deal of depth and interest. I love the elegant proportions of this outfit. The wide pants gorgeously complement the wide long sleeves of the blouse. Dressy black boots finish off the look.

Black Lace

You can finish off the all-black look with pearl accessories and a metallic bag to add contrast to the outfit. It will brighten the black – especially at night – if that’s more your thing. Brighter nail polish and lipstick are options too.

Link Love: Fragrance Facts

I enjoyed reading about the perfumes actors wear to get into character.

How fragrance’s famous rose fields in the French town of Grasse are dealing with climate change was also an interesting read.

According to some experts, one of the reasons vanilla-scented fragrances are so popular, is the emotional link with mother’s breast milk and formula as these have strong vanilla fragrance compounds.

Fab Links from Our Members

Wakanda Forever! Nuancedream says: “I haven’t seen the film yet, but I expect to be blown away. Ruth E. Carter will likely need to make room on her mantle for another Oscar for Best Costume Design.”

Minaminu is trying to understand how to mix warm and cool colours, and stumbled across this blog post explaining how to mix them. She loved that James Bond movie outfits were used as examples.

Stagiaire Fash wanted to share this Instagram reel, and adds: “Apologies to lovers of beige and other neutral colors. Also to fans of simple, clothing made of natural fibers.”

Roberta had a good chuckle while reading “I’m wearing tunics now.

Vildy thought this YouTube video was interesting: “How to look expensive, classy, elegant, and fun with the help of Italian designer style secrets.”

Are the Victorians Responsible for Fast Fashion?” This video gave kkards a lot to think about: “It lays out the changes that happened in the Victorian age vis-à-vis technology, media and society, and finds parallels between then and now. The video also talks about how ready-to-wear started as a way to improve society and add convenience, showing, as always, that there are unexpected and unintended consequences.”


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Fab Finds: Bottoms, Tops and the Cosmos

Retail stock is buzzing, especially online. Shipments seem to be flowing and there is a lot of everything at the moment. I’m thrilled to see brights and jewel tones come through alongside plenty of earth tones and neutrals. Be sure to browse the colour and size options. Some items are on sale, or might be in a couple of days. 

1. J. Crew Kate Straight Leg Pants

The J.Crew Kate Pants have been unexpectedly brilliant with a slew of my clients across a range of sizes and body types. They’ve worked on petite through to tall people across straighter and curvier figures. They are made of an AWESOME thick woven four-way stretch fabric that is substantial and luxe. It feels extremely good on the body which helps to create a good fit. The fabric glides over hip, bottom, and thigh curves quite beautifully. The fabric does not cling, and the rise is neither too high nor low. The fabric composition is a polyester-viscose-elastane, which is exactly the same fabric composition that Veronica Beard uses in her popular trouser suiting. These pants are a fraction of the designer price. They come in nine colours, and are available in US00 to US24 across regular lengths. Sizes US0 to US16 are available in petite and tall lengths. My tall clients are grateful for the lower leg coverage, while petite clients are happy to skip hem hacking. The visual effect is a slim and straight silhouette with a lot more ease and room than skinnies. Plenty of room on the calves.

J.Crew Petite Kate Straight-leg Pant

I have the Kate straight legs in bright red and am thrilled with them, so much so that I am thinking of duplicating them in toffee. They are at that new regular length that just covers the ankle bone and showcases all of the shoe. They are not as short as cropped pants. I also have the Kate Straight Legs in pink velvet, which are a similar silhouette but a longer full length, more like trousers, and with more ease. I’m wearing them here. I took the same size in both even though the velvet version is longer and baggier. The velvet bagged out a little after wearing them a couple of times, but it seems to work with the more trouser-y silhouette. Extremely comfortable, soft, versatile, and I have the green on my radar.


2. Liverpool Los Angeles Jeans and Pants

Liverpool bottoms and toppers are particularly popular with clients who work from home, or are looking for dressier attire that feels like athleisure but isn’t as sporty and casual. The brands big buzz words are softness, stretch and comfort. Items that look woven are KNITTED for extra comfort. Elastic waistbands are an option. Jeans are super soft. Rises aren’t too high. Jackets have removable hoodie bibs. Fits work well on curvier figures. So far, clients say that items have laundered well and aren’t bagging out after wearing them. Size down because items run big.

3. Scotch & Soda Cosmos Collection

I was excited to see this gorgeous and quirky collection at a nearby Scotch & Soda store last week. Planetary icons, galaxies, the Milky Way, and night sky patterns grace dressy and casual clothing. The execution is subtle, clever, crisp, grown-up, and unique. Click the links to see the fabness of the patterns in detail because the small photos do not do them justice. The quality of these items is impeccable, and silhouettes are on-trend. The bomber jackets are fully reversible. The inside of the blazers are works of art. Lots of dressy fabrics in relaxed silhouettes, which is what this Dutch brand does best. If you like a “bruised” colour palette, keep these items on your radar.

Outfit Formula: Party Dress

For those who like to wear dresses for the holidays, events, and occasions, there are countless looks to inspire you, as well as a whole slew of dresses. There are formal, semi-formal, smart casual, and casual frocks to choose from so take your pick. Dress them up or down, and make the dress work your way. 

Mini Cord Shift Dress
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Draped Velvet Dress
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Midi Party Tea Dress
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Printed Jersey Dress
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Plisse Mini Dress
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Ciara Dress
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I adore dresses, but generally don’t wear them for the holidays and Winter events in the US because the weather is icy and I also run cold. I stick to dressy separates, unless I can find a very warm and suitable sweater dress, and wear it with thermals. But if you bat for Team Winter Dress, here are some interesting options, all of which are sleeved and worn with closed shoes.

1. Little Black Dress

The LBD is a classic, it doesn’t need to be sleeveless or very short. Here’s a sweater dress version with elegant billowing sleeves that finishes just above the knee, which might be your cup of tea. The rhinestone bow embellishment on the neck is matched with earrings and glittery silver shoes, which takes care of the festive bling component of the look. A black and white polkadot topper finishes off the look. I see a larger silver, black, or red bag instead of the minute one shown here. I particularly like how the dress was completed with dressy flats instead of heels. Nice change. Add nude-for-you or sheer black hosiery for warmth.

Little Black Dress

2. Bright Pink and Red

This is my favourite of the four because I love the colour combination. I wear bright pink and red separates together, and will do just that for some of our holiday events. Wear a pink dress with red footwear, or a red dress with pink footwear. Choose booties, pumps or another kind of closed shoe that keeps you insulated if tall boots aren’t your thing. Add hosiery for warmth. A dark red coat would look gorgeous over this outfit. But so would navy, turquoise, orange, cream, or burgundy. Add a red, pink or metallic bag, and jewellery to your taste.

Bright Pink and Red

3. Sparkly Boho

Here’s a more casual version for Team Boho. The sparkles on this dress make it look more festive. The casual brown suede boots add a further boho and casual touch. I see silver metallic or black boots with a bag to match as an alternative option. A black, navy, or brown coat would top things off nicely. Add a little sparkle in your ears and wrists.

Sparkly Bo-Ho

4. Skirted Jumpsuit

And last, a dressy jumpsuit with a removable skirted layer is a unique and creative idea. The colour-blocked version here is visually striking. I particularly like how you can see the pants component under the skirt. You might not like bows, but to my eye it adds a lovely finishing touch to the waist of the outfit. Dressy pumps and bag that pick up the brights in the outfit complete the look, as does a good bit of bling. Wear knee-highs to keep your ankles warm if you like. You might want to keep libations to a minimum when wearing this outfit.

Skirted Jumpsuit