Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Jackets and Coats

The jacket and coat assortment was the highlight of this year’s NAS. Lots of beautiful colours, a diversity of silhouettes and fabrics to cater to an assortment of lifestyles, impeccable quality, and a range of sizes. There was something for everyone. 

IMPORTANT: Check whether the items are available in petite and plus because I’ve only provided the description in regular sizes. In some cases regular sizes can work on petites, and regular size ranges extend into larger sizes.


  • Packable Water Resistant Puffer Jacket: For Team Earth Tones. A packable lightweight SHAPED puffer in a shade of metallic cinnamon is unique. The stitching on the jacket creates a slim silhouette and is awfully clever. Comes in champagne.
  • Faux Suede Eveline Jacket: STUNNING fabric, and machine washable. The drape, finish and quality wowed me - and for $79. Extremely comfy. Fits petites. All four colours are fab
  • Metallic Stitch Utility Jacket: A cool-toned utility jacket that's great on broader shoulders and Team Tall. It works on shorter apple-shaped body types too. Breast pockets are not bothersome. Comes in a stonewashed peach.
  • Courtney Glazed Lambskin Leather Jacket: Impeccable lightweight olive leather jacket that can work on petites if you have longer arms. Not as yellow in person, and more green. Fab blazer alternative for the office.
  • Movement Peplum Jacket: Best black jacket at the sale. Dramatic, chic and a quality piece. The peplum is subtle, yet architectural. Interestingly, it works as well on apple shapes as it does on body types with a defined waists. Size up unless you need a narrow fit.
  • Packable Water Resistant Puffer Jacket: A lightweight and warm puffer with interesting black trim that would work well with black footwear. It fits a range of body types, and all the colours are nice.
  • Galicia Glazed Lambskin Leather Jacket: GORGEOUS mustard leather jacket that works well on a curvy body type and fuller bust. It's fluid yet shaped, and beautifully made. Very lightweight.
  • Check Double Breasted Blazer: A happy checked blazer that looks best worn unbuttoned. It has trendy '80s shoulder pads, and runs a size small. Works as well with dress pants as it does with jeans.
  • Kota Crop Faux Leather Moto Jacket: Fab faux leather moto that's a great length and shape to wear with skirts and dresses. A pretty shade of pearl grey. Might run a size small.
  • Dover Blazer: A tuxedo style blazer in lovely fabric for Team Broad Shoulders. Fluid fit. NOT that shaped, and super cute in yellow and cobalt.
  • Jadela Pinstripe Ponte Suit Jacket: Although quite severe, this jacket is extremely sharp, and the quality is impeccable. The finish on the inside will blow your mind. It works best on a curvy body type, and well on a larger bust and shorter neck. Beautifully tailored. The diagonal lines down the front do magical things on any body type.
  • Onto the Next Faux Leather Drape Front Jacket: Best faux leather jacket at the sale. $59 of bliss, and it might run small unless you prefer narrow fits. Fun over dresses. Comes in black and burgundy.
  • Mixed Media Leather Moto Jacket: Best leather jacket at the sale. The mixed-media colour blocking is unique, and it's well made. Lightweight and office-appropriate. Fab tailored fit, but not too tight. Sharp.
  • Brush It Off Jacket: A comfy draped knitted moto that's very shaped when zipped up. Handy pockets and quite polished despite the slouch of the knit.
  • Ruched Sleeve Plaid Blazer: An amazing trendy long blazer that's cool-toned and very elongating. Fully lined, well made, lots of cute design detailing, has a little stretch and a fun '80s shoulder pad. Fits a range of body types. It looked as good on a straight figure as it did on a curvy one.
  • Windowpane Check Ruched Sleeve Blazer: Best graphic window pane at the sale. Fully lined, well made, lots of cute design detailing, has STRETCH, a fun little '80s shoulder pad, and is under $100. Comfy and fun. Fits a range of body types.
  • Ruched Sleeve Plaid Blazer: Best long blazer at the sale. Trendy, dramatic, earth-toned, and very elongating. Fully lined, well made, lots of cute design detailing, has a little stretch and a fun '80s shoulder pad. Fits a range of body types. It looked as good on a straight figure as it did on a curvy one. Comes in a cool-toned check too.
  • Raw Edge Cotton Blend Tweed Jacket: A maximal Chanel-esque bouclé jacket that fits a narrower frame best. It comes in two colours and looks great combined with jeans, pants and dresses. Remix the look with utility pants, sneakers and bling.
  • Shawl Collar Blazer: Best bouclé at the sale. Bolder in person and super soft. The length is sublimely flattering and the shawl collar unique. The weave of the bouclé is tight and feels substantial. Roomy sleeves and great over all sorts of layers. Chanel-esque.
  • Chevron Puffer Jacket: A trendy futuristic puffer that's shaped and bold. Fun chevron stitching. I vote mustard or white.
  • Summit Jacket: Best zebra item at the sale. Its graphic and architectural integrity makes quite a statement. The straightness of the silhouette is beyond body type, although I preferred it on broader shoulders. The diagonal seaming in front creates a flattering line for the eye to follow, and therein are fab hidden pockets.
  • Harriet Cutaway Blazer: The best designer blazer at the sale. A quality Modern Classic with a high longevity factor that oozes fabness and personality. Dress it up or down and wear it season after season. It works extremely well on a curvier body type - better than on a straighter body type.
  • Faux Fur Trim Faux Leather Jacket: Best boxy jacket at the sale. Faux leather with teddy bear lining is cosy, fun to wear, and warm. Good length and fab side entry pockets. The fit is STRAIGHT and very fluid, so you have to be okay with that. It does not overwhelm a small frame, and you have to love red to commit to it.
  • Plaid Double-Breasted Blazer: If you like pastel pink and soft stretchy fabric, try this blazer. It's NOT a knit, but feels as soft and yummy as one. Fab trendy length and a bit of an '80s fit too. Extremely comfy.
  • Single Breasted Blazer: This blazer works well on a larger bust, broader shoulder, and curvy top half. Very streamlining, and a trendy longer length. Comes in four great colours.
  • Oversize Denim Jacket: BEST oversized and boxy denim jacket I've seen all year. Gorgeous fabric, good fit, and fun pockets. It's super trendy, yet very wearable, and will magically update a busload of outfits. It would have been mine if I didn't already have one.

Here’s the collection page if you would like to see the items alongside my descriptions.

Dover Blazer
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Top Pick
Summit Jacket
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Top Pick


  • Port Madison Hooded Raincoat: INCREDIBLE casual walking coat that is scrumptious quality. The stock photo does not do it justice. Very roomy comfort yet streamlined and flattering. Side entry pockets for stashing. Can work well on petites. Make sure you can layer adequately underneath because that is the point. Do NOT buy the coat too small. Comes in navy and black. The green is less teal and more forest green in person. Lovely tonal plaid lining.
  • Miss Metro II Water Repellent Hooded Parka: Best gear puffer at the sale. The silhouette looked great on a range of body types, and there are FIVE amazing colours. Well-made, great fit, fab length, and super warm. I wished it came in petite for my petite clients.
  • Glacier Sunset Water Resistant Fleece Coat: Trendy Barn Jacket Fabness. Bold and roomy, so you have to be okay with that. Might run a size big. Impeccable quality.
  • Packable Hooded Walker Coat: Best fashion puffer at the sale. Extremely comfy, lightweight yet warm, and very flattering. The stitching and quilting are positioned so that they visually narrow the silhouette. Clever! Comes in black and forest green.
  • Hooded Water Resistant Trench Coat: A fun trench in an excellent length for Team Purple. The side zipper is unique, and the sheen adds glam to the casual vibe. Fits an assortment of body types.
  • Water Resistant Moto Detail Trench Coat: Best casual trench at the sale. Statement hardware, a lined and removable hood, and fabric that repels pet hair. Great length and very comfy. Comes in olive.
  • Hooded Raincoat: AMAZING raincoat in incredible fabric. Extremely crisp and fun, if you fancy the floral. Great shape that works on a slew of body types. Might run a size small, and comes in solid black.
  • Rib Tweed Car Coat: A classic cinnamon coat in a false plain with polka dot lining. Roomy on the body if you prefer narrower fits. The sleeves run short.
  • Star Double Face Trench Coat: The best fun coat at the sale. Nicely made, and fab red piping on the inside. The cocoon shape and midi length are versatile, and layer well over most items. The architectural drape is trendy, and the silhouette works on most body types if you're prepared to surrender the waist and wear the look fluid and boxy.
  • Patch Pocket Coat: A very pretty blue coat with a straight fit that works well on a larger bust. Size down a size. I found it a little scratchy, but my clients did not. The teal is lovely too.
  • Double Breasted Trench Coat with Removable Hood: A great classic trench coat that works well on a curvy body type. The top back flap lies flat against the body because it's stitched down, and the fabric is crisp. Quite crease-resistant.
  • Double Breasted Wool Blend Coat: Best dressy coat at the sale. A STUNNING Modern Classic that will work over midis, and just about anything else. High longevity factor. It's heavy, warm, luxurious, and beautifully made. Very tailored so no bulky underlayers. Quite slim through the arms, and quite straight on the hips - but not that straight. It has worked on straighter and curvier body types. Remember that button positions can be adjusted to create a better fit.
  • Double Face Wool Blend Coat: The best checked coat at the sale. A perfect Trendy Classic. An amazing on-trend midi cocoon silhouette in the most classic of tartans. It's straight and quite unstructured, yet the heft of the fabric makes it drape like a dream giving it some structure. High longevity factor.
  • Leopard Print Coat: Best animal print coat at the sale. Elegant, fun, soft, TAILORED, and a fab mdi length. It worked on a range of body types, and has handy side entry pockets. Soft, yet crisp and sharp.
  • Summit Jacket: Best zebra item at the sale. Its graphic and architectural integrity makes quite a statement. The straightness of the silhouette is beyond body type, although I preferred it on broader shoulders. The diagonal seaming in front creates a flattering line for the eye to follow, and therein are fab hidden pockets.
  • Ancha Hooded Waterproof Parka: This was a WOW fit on petite apple-shaped body types, although it worked well on other body types too. A substantial quality piece if you like to wear gear as casual wear. All the colours are nice.
  • Water Resistant Raincoat with Removable Hood: A raincoat that worked well on a range of body types, and especially good on long bodies and arms. The fabric repels pet hair, and drapes well. Lovely stitch and pocket detailing. Well made, and comes in four colours.
  • Finlay Waterproof Hooded Wool Blend Coat: A weather-resistant classic with a hood and fun lining. Roomy fit, and size down. Great over chunky knits. Impeccable quality. Comes in black. Especially fabulous on Team Tall.

Here’s the collection page if you would like to see the items alongside my descriptions.


This post is number 1 in a 5 part series:

Also check out my introduction to the series, and the items I brought home from the sale. Good hunting!

Top Picks at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has officially begun. After a week of early access to cardholders, it’s now open to all. Brand new merchandise for Fall and Winter 2019 will be discounted for two weeks only. Prices go back up on August 5. 

I spent a couple of weeks preparing and preselecting the sale with clients and it was AMAZING. We refreshed our wardrobes, had fun trying both predictable and wild card wardrobe items, took ourselves outside of our comfort zones, made discerning purchase decisions, and got a great start on the new colder weather dressing season. Summer in Seattle has been dismal, which meant that clients have been wearing some of their NAS items right away. That’s the silver lining for our currently grim weather.

Items ran out of stock faster than usual. Reduced inventory levels, an increase in the number of cardholders, and a more desirable assortment of merchandise are my guesses as to why that’s the case. The reduced inventory made navigating the sale and cherry picking even easier.

Don’t give up if an item is gone in your size or sold out because styles are restocked throughout the sale, and items are constantly returned. Keep checking back online or when you’re in stores because you’ll probably get what you want eventually.

I’ve noted the very best items that were slam dunk winners on clients. I’ve put together five top picks lists that might be helpful if you’re navigating the sale. The items will be available for purchase at 9:30 Pacific Time, according to Nordstrom. Until then, the items are only available to early access shoppers.

I’ve seen all of these items in person and on a range of body types and sizes, across petite, regular, plus and tall women. It’s a wide assortment of items, reflecting the range of lifestyles, style preferences and budgets of my clientele.

Nordstrom did a GREAT job of extending size ranges in both directions. US0 and XXS were included across a larger merchandise assortment, and regular collections sometimes went through to XXXL and US24. THANK YOU Nordstrom, for being more inclusive in your size specifications.

Be sure to also browse wardrobe basics like underwear, socks, loungewear, sleepwear, or workout wear if you like to use the sale to replenish those types of items in July. Also there is lots of fun stuff in homeware.

A few things to consider as you browse the lists:

  • I’ve collected each item in a single colour, but be sure to browse through ALL the colour options.
  • Check whether the items are available in petite and plus because I’ve only collected regular sizes. In some cases regular sizes can work on petites, and regular size ranges extend into larger sizes.
  • My descriptions are detailed and specific for a reason. They suggest a match for a particular body type, comfort level, lifestyle, or style preference.
  • At the end of each list there’s a link to the relevant collection page where you can see the items together with their descriptions.
  • I haven’t included top picks for wardrobe basics like undies, socks, sleepwear and workout wear, which are well worth a look.

Feel free to ask questions in the comments sections about my picks or any other NAS items, and I’ll do my best to help you out. We’ve been discussing NAS items in the forum, which is particularly helpful because you can see the items across a range of body types. And please share your own winning purchases in the comments section below.

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Outfit Formula: Summer Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are an acquired taste in Summer because they’re constricting and not very breezy. That said, some pencil skirts aren’t as tight and tapered as others, Summer days and nights can be cool by the water, and there is Summer air conditioning to consider. 

Then there’s the knee-length or midi stretchy and body-con knitted tube skirt that’s very tight but extremely comfortable because it’s soft and stretchy. It’s popular with my clients because it creates a slim silhouette, is forgiving on the midsection, and is machine washable. Knitted tube skirts are versatile and can be styled with an untucked top. For those who enjoy wearing easy pull-on-and-go Summer tube skirts, feast your eyes on these.

The following four Summer skirt outfit ideas are more about woven pencil skirts than knitted tube skirts, although there’s one of the latter in the mix. Two casual and two dressy, just to mix it up. Choose any colour palette.

1. Tubed Two-Piece Dress

Combine a knitted tube skirt with a knitted top in the same or similar fabric or pattern. Wear the top over the skirt, or semi-tuck if it has a drawstring. Add sneakers, slides or mules, and a backpack as the finishing touch. A denim jacket is a fab idea for arctic air conditioning.

MICHAEL Michael Kors Plus-Size Camo Print Sweater Skirt

2. Tank & Sneakers

Combine a patterned woven pencil skirt with a tank top and fashion sneakers, and you’re done. Choose wedge sandals, mules, slides, ballet flats or platform sandals if sneakers aren’t your thing. A sleeved tee is another way to go, which you can tuck or semi-tuck, unless you can find a tee that is sufficiently structured to wear untucked.

M&S COLLECTION Cotton-Rich Striped Pencil Skirt

3. Classic Cardi as a Top

A classic short cardigan can be worn as a top when it’s buttoned through. Wear a camisole underneath, and it’s a great top to wear over a range of skirt silhouettes. Here it is paired with a pencil skirt and heeled sandals. Add a tote or satchel and you’re ready for the office.

L.K.Bennett Rose Pencil Skirt

4. Fluid Classic

This is a classic dressy combination that always looks sharp when the pieces fit and are made of gorgeous fabrics. Combine a pencil skirt in a fun pattern with a fluid woven top that blousons when it’s tucked into the skirt. The juxtaposition of soft and fluid + super structured is a lovely one. Finish off the look with dressy heels that work with the outfit. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Eloquii Neoprene Pencil Skirt

I have ONE pencil skirt, and it’s a Summer one. It’s a cotton lace, very lightweight, and not very tight, all of which makes it delightful to wear in high heat. I combine it with a fitted striped or white knit top, a linen flutter sleeve shirt, or an oversized striped shirt. All tops are semi-tucked. I usually wear white sandals or flats for footwear. Here are the exact items from my wardrobe.

My NAS Shopping Strategy for 2019

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is perfectly timed because I like to shop early in the retail season. I can secure the best items in my size, my style feels refreshed when the weather changes, and I can forget about shopping for a while. I’m usually done with Spring and Summer shopping by about May, and ready to think about my Autumn and Winter style at the end of June. 

My approach to shopping the NAS is relaxed. I thoroughly enjoy the hype, hunt, and cherry picking. It’s a fun game to me. I’ve also accumulated NAS wardrobe treasures for fifteen years now, which keeps me going back for more. But I don’t let the sale boss me around, and I don’t suffer from FOMO or “fear of missing out” because there will always be other fab items around the corner.

I practise organized emotional shopping. I listen to my heart and feelings, but temper my emotions so that my choices are practical, cost-effective, and sensible.

The Emotion

I like to evolve my style every season to keep things fresh and prevent outfit boredom. That’s why I look for something DIFFERENT when I shop the NAS, and seldom purchase wardrobe essentials or tried-and-tested items. It’s a delicate balance to choose items that are signature to my style, yet take me a little out of my box.

I don’t go into the NAS knowing exactly how I want to evolve my style. I enjoy this uncertainty, and I trust that my emotions will help me solve the puzzle as I select and assess items in the NAS dressing room. Apart from shopping with hubby Greg for my birthday, the NAS is my most enjoyable shopping experience of the year because the element of surprise is an adrenaline rush and it’s so very satisfying to step outside my comfort zone and find a winning item.

I went into the NAS knowing that I wanted: non-neutrals, texture, tailoring, quality, versatile formality, some trends, some classics, some sporty, glam and glitz, and lots of pretty. There are no logical reasons for these style aspirations and wants. They are simply what I’m feeling for my style this year, so I’m running with it until I feel the next change.

The Organization

I edit and review my closet monthly, so I know what I own, how it fits, and how I currently feel about it. This was especially easy since we moved recently. This prevents me from duplicating items when I shop, and gives me an accurate mental picture of the types of outfits I was wearing last Autumn and Winter. It provides the frame of reference for the items that I bring into the NAS dressing room, and is a starting point for how I evolve my style.

I also keep a running list in my head of wardrobe holes, items that need replenishing, the factors that affect my style, my budget, and my 2019 style goals. This is the “organization” that tempers my emotions when I shop.

I found it very useful to create two lists going into the NAS. A wish list, and a list of forbidden items that I will avoid. Here they are for 2019.

Wish List

  • A substitute for blue jeans in Winter that are not leggings and jeggings, like fun woolly pants that keep me warm and aren’t skinnies
  • Full-length pants & jeans
  • Red or turquoise coat. Won’t say no to a patterned coat, or another fun colour
  • Always in the mood for fabulous midi skirts and dresses!
  • Always in the mood for pretty shoes that work for my feet and lifestyle
  • White or cream flat boots (I keep on wearing mine into the ground)
  • Jacket in a HEAVY weight that’s like a short coat, or a refined streamlined jacket that fits under my coats
  • Cashmere wrap in a yummy colour I don’t already have

Forbidden List

  • Pricey knitwear, and cheap cashmere knitwear
  • Wardrobe basics (underwear, sleepwear, socks, loungewear)
  • Makeup
  • Gear & workout wear
  • Jewellery
  • Blouses and knit tops
  • Anything grey or black
  • Basic boots
  • Cognac footwear
  • Oxfords

I’m pretty strict about following these lists, but also keep an open mind because you can’t shop for items that aren’t there, and wild-card wardrobe purchases can be a beautiful thing.

The Process

With all this in mind I began laser focussed NAS browsing at the Flagship Nordstrom in downtown Seattle. I posted the items I brought into the dressing room in the forum: Jackets, a coat, pants and jeans. That’s it. Dresses and skirts were a disappointment. My lists were indispensable. They kept me focussed and my shop was done in ninety minutes. I bought the seven items shown in the collection below.

The most important things on the wishlist were the jeans substitute, bright coat, and heavy jacket/short coat, because they’re wardrobe holes. I found them right away and in my size, which was very lucky.

I tried on the Halogen Shawl Collar Blazer and Sam Edelman Faux Leather Aviator Jacket first, and it was instant love and happiness. Amazing fits, nice quality, my colours, ample warmth, easy to mix and match with my wardrobe, practical, and DIFFERENT to what I had at home. The former quite classic, and the latter quite trendy, so a good mix. They were definitely coming home with me because they were perfect. I bat for Team Gold, but don’t mind the gentle silver hardware on the red aviator jacket. I could tick item #7 off my wishlist, and then some.

Next I tried the red Avec Les Filles Double Breasted Wool Blend Coat, and felt like a million bucks as soon as I popped it on. Very high happiness factor. Impeccable, beautifully tailored, gorgeous fit, heavy, warm, luxurious, the right non-neutral, a practical length to wear over midi dresses, classic, and fably dressy. My only reservation was that it didn’t have side entry pockets, which is usually my preference on a coat. But the ten year old dressy red coat that it’s replacing doesn’t have side entry pockets either. Also, it’s a dressier coat that won’t come out to play as much as my other coats so I can easily wear gloves. So it followed me home too. Item #3 ticked off the list.

Veronica Beard’s Gemini Check Crop Pants were exactly what I had in mind for item #1 on my wishlist. They fit perfectly, are LINED, warm and woolly, beautifully made, and extra fab in the micro-check which is dead right for my style and in my colour palette. A versatile no-brainer addition.

I tried on a few more pairs of pants and jackets but they didn’t make me as happy as the other items. I tried on the Paige Transcend jeans, which I loved because they were full-length, a great fit and dressy. But I’d just got jeans for my birthday, so I passed on item #2 on the wishlist. I loved Madewell’s Emmett Windowpane Plaid Crop Wide Leg Pants but will struggle to stay warm in Winter, so I passed on them too.

I enjoy a peplum and on a whim tried Ted Baker’s Beffi Ribbed Peplum Sweater in ink blue because it’s different to my knitwear at home. It created a high happiness factor because it moves as I stride — fun swoosh — and worked well with the checked pants and outerwear. Bonus buy.

Next up was footwear and accessories. I didn’t see a scarf or wrap that I liked enough to earn a place in my wardrobe, so item #8 on my wishlist was a bust. But I did go to footwear and make a beeline for a pair of very trendy white Seinfeld sneakers that made me laugh out loud as soon as I saw them. I loved their ‘80s vibe and wore the hi-top version 32 years ago. I tried them on right away, and with insoles they fit really well despite their enormous chunkiness. Comfy, fun, and my wild card for the season. The wild part about this purchase is the athletic-chunky integrity, although the fact that they are white, flat and a sneaker is not a stretch. You can see me sport them in the forum.

Finally, at home that night I browsed the NAS footwear section for white boots that may not have made it to the Flagship, and purchased a pair of orange Ecco Soft 7 Sneakers instead. They will be my third pair of the same sneaker that are absolute workhorses for my urban walking lifestyle. I have a bright orange Furla to match, so they’ll look complemented and pretty. Ticked off item #5.

When I had a little time to spare at home this week, I re-tried all my NAS items to make sure that I was happy with how they fit and looked. To ensure that the quality was up to scratch, and that they worked on this leg of my style journey. I also made sure I stayed within my budget. Happy as a clam, I had a brilliant NAS, and am committed to these seven items. I’m thrilled with my start to Fall & Winter 2019.

NAS - 1

NAS - 2