For a few days I am republishing some posts that have been particularly popular on YLF. Back when I used Polyvore to create Friday ensembles, this was one of the most popular ensemble posts of all time. Perhaps it will inspire a few outfits of your own, especially when we head into Autumn.

I’m in favour of wearing white jeans year round. We wear black in Summer, so why can’t we wear white in Winter! White is the colour of snow, looks fresh and modern no matter what, and functions as a bright. Ignore the guideline that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day. 

Here is one way of wearing white jeans in cold weather, and it happens to be my favourite. It’s about combining white jeans with a support act of statement pullover and booties. You might be able to shop your closet for the look right away, in any colour palette. I’ve chosen cool and warm neutrals. Ink blue because it’s softer than black, and camel for Team Earth Tones. 

Here are the components: 

White Jeans: Choose your silhouette, from straight legs and skinnies, to bootcuts or boyfriend jeans. I vote optical white, but cream or ecru is another option. 

Statement Pullover: You’re after something a little more than a basic sweater, so think oversized drapey styles, high-low hemlines, patterns, cheeky pullovers, and conversational prints. Of course, if a basic pullover is your preference, that’s fine too. Tuck, semi-tuck or faux tuck. 

Booties: You have a choice of keeping the booties low or high contrast against the white of the jeans. I’ve chosen high-contrast ink booties and caramel booties to match the pullovers, but white, tan, light taupe or silver booties are a low-contrast choice. I also chose heeled booties to offset the horizontal line that is created by the high-contrast colour. Oxfords and shooties are additional footwear options. 

Coat: A wool coat of your choice finishes off the look. A cape, trench coat, wool blazer or leather jacket works as well. 

Accessories: Wear a belt if you semi or faux tuck the pullover. I’ve chosen an on-trend silver clutch because silver works well with white and adds in sci-fi fabness. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.


It’s the sheer brightness of white jeans and the fact that they are dressier than blue jeans that appeals to me most about wearing them year round. I have three pairs that are wardrobe workhorses, and I’m in white jeans at least once a week. As I type this, I’m wearing white boyfriend jeans with a neon pink cashmere pullover, leopard belt and leopard booties. I have also worn the ink and white ensemble version on the left quite a bit.

I love white jeans, and need no convincing to wear them. Will you wear white jeans in cold weather?