My name is Angélique (Angie for short). I’m Dutch by nationality, grew up in Hong Kong, and I’ve also lived in South Africa, France and the United States. I studied Psychology and Fashion Design and before starting YLF I spent 14 years in the international fashion industry, predominantly as a specialist buyer for ladies’ wear.

When I’m not immersed in YLF I am working as a fashion stylist for individual clients in Seattle and also further afield. I also spend one day every fortnight volunteering as a personal dresser for a non-profit organization, Dress For Success Seattle. My client base ranges from sizes 0-34 and ages 17 to 75. My clients work hard and I’m known to be quite the slave driver, but we laugh as hard as we work so I’m normally forgiven for that. I absolutely love what I do.

My consulting business allows me to work with clients one to one, but YLF allows me to offer advice to a much larger audience. I would love for you to join the discussion by commenting on my posts or contributing in the forum. Your respectful opinions are always appreciated.

Here are some other places you can find me on the Internet: