Last week we discussed how our day-to-day styles have been affected by working from home. For fun I broke it down into five levels, of which levels 2 and 4 are currently the most popular. Today we’re going to drill down to accessories and share how that part of our styles has changed, if at all. I’ll go first.

For the most part, my accessory style is unchanged during self-isolation at home with Greg and Sam. I wasn’t a big jewellery wearer to begin with, so there was little to remove in that respect. I continue to wear my specs daily, red during the day, and green at night. The green specs are more comfortable for lounging and watching tele, so that’s why I swap them out. Without fail, I’m wearing my Apple watch to monitor physical and social activity, and one or two pearl necklaces to keep up the glam. Keeping things glam is understandably unimportant and trivial to most, but it makes me happy which keeps me calm, productive and positive. So why not!

I don’t wear earrings and I’m not into belts on this leg of my style journey. I’m wearing knee-highs during the day, and cosy socks at night as always. I carry a crossbody bag or satchel when I go out with Sam or grocery shop. And because our Springs are cool, I sometimes need a scarf during the day.

I am leaving off my wedding ring and pearl bracelets. They were getting in the way of excess hand washing, sanitizing, hand creaming, cleaning, cooking and drying. I was worried about ruining the pearls on my rings, and then became paranoid that germs would accumulate on the metal surfaces of the jewellery despite sanitizing and washing. So at the moment, I’m without my hand candy, but the rest of my accessory style is just the same.

Over to you. Which accessories are you continuing to wear and leave off as we practice social distancing and stay at home?