One of the reasons that Spring shopping is a personal favourite is because of the yummy-to-me colour palettes. I love sour brights, rich mid-tones, shades of dark blue, some pastels, and anything in a crisp shade of white. Wardrobe items are easier to find in the colours that make me happy as collections unfold for Spring and Summer. They are harder to find in Fall and Winter collections.

But traditional Spring colours might not be your cup of tea, in which case throw them out the window and wear YOUR favourite colours for Spring and Summer. It doesn’t matter what they are, as long as the silhouettes and fabrics of the items work with your climate and lifestyle.

Topshop Slit Bias Cut Satin Midi Skirt

I stumbled across this outfit in a traditional Autumn colour palette. While it works well for a very mild Fall day, you can wear it on a warm Spring or cool Summer day too. Perhaps swap out the furry bag for a regular leather or faux leather animal print if furry trims are reserved for cold weather only.

There are no rules about the appropriate time to wear certain colours. Your colours are always in style, and you should wear them whenever you want to, and in any combination that tickles your fancy. It’s a personal choice whether you want to change the palettes of your outfits to suit the seasons, or stick to one palette for the year.

If the specific components of this outfit aren’t to your taste, focus on the colour combination, which is the part that inspired me for my own clients who like to wear earth tones and black year round. Remixing cinnamon, mustard and toffee with charcoal grey, black, and classic animal print is fabulous. The pop of bright blue and white accents in the top work well and are unexpected. I can see a dark blue denim or black topper in the mix too.

Over to you. Who likes to wear traditional Autumn colours all year round?