With us all in the thick of C-19, I have started to think longingly about the day we are out of this, and can meet freely in the street, and how grateful we will all be. I hope I will feel a lightness, and a new sense of gratitude.

And I have been thinking about how I will signal this new hopeful attitude in my every day appearance. I wore a lot of colour years ago and then moved almost exclusively to neutrals, and then this fall, Earth tones beguiled me. Now, I see myself embracing pastels and earth tones together to feel revived and exuberant when (if? no - when) this is over.
I'm thinking innovative and fresh (to me) colour combinations, in line with my 'autumn at the beach' palette
- mint + copper
- sky blue +chestnut + white
- blush + rust
- lavender + olive
- soft buttercup + fawn

I plan to use what I have already it what I can thrift to bring this to life.

what about you? Are you going to signal the end to C-19 with a wardrobe/style change? Do you think that people will celebrate with colour, or continue to wear cautious neutrals? 

I know this is completely frivolous and the absolute least of what people are thinking about when emerging from C-19 - and I also know that there will be an air of sombre-ness in the atmosphere as we all struggle with the new economic and health realities that it brings. But for now, I'm trying to focus on something light to provide relief in the dark...