On the one hand, I feel somewhat unaffected. I’m a mom with a little one. So my challenges and desires have been finding my style again, in a more kid friendly way. I.e. nothing so precious that it can’t take mud and dirt, and some housecleaning. Even though, it still exasperates me to wash my pants after one wear because they’re covered in muddy and dirty smudges. (Something’s I’m working through. Life will go on and be all the richer when I embrace the dirt and stop trying to keep so clean and perfect.) While there have been a few days of all-day pajamas, I’ve actually felt better and more ebullient! My husband is working from home. It’s been lovely having him home. With him here, I find myself wearing makeup more consistently, doing my hair, and getting dressed in things beyond sweats or pjs. (He actually has been mostly in pjs lol! I think the extra help and interaction just does something for me.)

My wardrobe feels pretty small. Things either don’t fit, have worn out, or no longer fit my lifestyle or fashion style. So I am looking forward to sewing and buying some new things. I’ve got some beautiful new patterns marked “easy.” All I need to do is get fabric, fix my sewing machine, and be brave.

Colorwise, I do see myself changing a little. I’m being more adventurous! I’m questioning and thinking less, trusting instinct more. I am finding peachy-pinky corals and intense coral oranges suit me and feel beautiful! I also have delved into a deep blue-purple shade, akin to the Purple Hat shade. (Knitting a summer blouse in it.) I still love the 40s but I’ve been delving more into 50s and early 60s. Still very glam and passionate. But a little cooler. Where The Boys Are, version 1960, has me all a’twitter! I love the makeup and clothes. It’s a refreshing look for summer.

I am continually refining and evolving my style, but not because of C-19.

Such a great question. You're always so thoughtful about the role of color and texture in your wardrobe and your new color pairings are lovely. Looking forward to seeing how you recombine pieces.

I went back through some posts of mine from earlier this year, and realizing that my goals haven't changed that much, so I'm not sensing a change in style direction. Even in January, I'd known that this was a low-shopping year for me, focused on replacements for some items that are long past their useful life (gear and jeans.) I'm really enjoying my closet, and looking forward to wearing all of it. There are a few "fun" items on my list (red fashion sneakers and snake print booties)- on hold for now- but COVID-19 hasn't changed my long term strategy for those, just the timeline. My suburban/urban walking lifestyle is a bit hard on shoes, so I do prioritize planning/shopping for those as they wear out.