Today marks the end of an era in our lives. Our little Jasmine passed away this afternoon after battling with congestive heart disease for over a year. In tough terrier fashion, she fought bravely right up until it was time for her to go. We are heart broken.

Jasmine was so much part of YLF. She kept us company in our office and loved photo shoots. Whenever Greg took pictures of my outfits indoors, she’d be right there with me, taking centre stage. And of course she stole the show. We called her the Blog Star.

Rosie and Jasmine were my 30th birthday present from Greg. They came into our lives as pups from the same litter almost 11 years ago. They were my therapy, transference of love and loss, and so much more as I grieved my late Mum’s death. Greg says that as soon as Jasmine and I met, it was love at first sight. I won’t argue with that. But Jasmine also shared her affection with Greg, waiting for him to get out of bed each morning and following him around for the first half hour of his day.

Somehow Rosie and Jasmine are different to other pets we’ve owned. Raising them together made them extra special. Rosie and Jasmine have lived with us in three different countries and are quite the well-travelled little team. It’s amazing how they would make any place feel like home. We were an inseparable family of four that we called “tous les quatre”.

Between 3 and 8 months old Rosie and Jasmine went to puppy socialization classes. They entered “Puppy Olympics” and had a ball. Rosie was very athletic and won the agility prize, beating German Shepherds and Border Collies. Jasmine much preferred cuddling with Mummy and didn’t do quite so well. But the Olympic judges did give Jasmine an extremely meaningful prize that day: “smallest puppy with the biggest heart”. This sums up our little Jasmine best since she had so much heart. It’s painfully ironic that she passed away from heart disease. I guess that precious little heart worked over time.

I could write a book on why Jasmine was extra extraordinary, and still feel that I shortchanged her. Words can’t adequately describe the love, support and devotion that we received from this little doggie 24/7. She completed our lives. She was always happy, always playful, always food focused, always loving and hands down the sweetest of all sweetie pies. There will never be another Jasmine. May she rest in peace and be remembered for her beautiful nature and spirit.

As a tribute to our little blog star, there will not be a second blog post tomorrow. Please love your pets a little extra tomorrow afternoon for Jasmine. Rosie, Greg and I will be thinking extra hard of our little girl.

Quick to make herself at home in any hotel room.

Always a camera magnet.

Loving the long grass.

With Duckie, the indestructible toy.