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Style for women over 50, creativity, color, work, friendships, self-indulgence, and midlife crises.

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Style Statement

It's Style Personas Plural for me:

1 part Minimalist Magpie : 1 part Contrarian Classicist (with fluctuations to make room for their unacknowledged love child, the Persnickety Bohemian).

I gravitate to modern classic looks. Except that I find “modern classic” a stunningly broad and deeply useless category name since I covet items both staid and flashy, classic and boho, and on opposite ends of the color-color vs neutral spectrum.

Thanks to lots of navel-gazing, I've realized:

* too much classic feels wrong to me
* too much boho feels wrong to me
* too much “muchness” feels wrong to me

Which led me to see that overall I like to mix classic with shiny things, classic with color, and classic with boho.

Favorite Clothing Items

Anything with the Rectangle's best friend, rouching. Knits, jersey, stretch wools. Prints, selectively. Vintage or vintage-inspired accessories.

Favorite Fashion Era

40s, 70s (Halston and Calvin Klein vs flower-child)

Fashion & Style Icons

Always looking for great grey-haired role models and have several on YLF and elsewhere! [Stopped using hair dye in my mid-40s; au natural wavy with a mix of dark chestnut brown and silver.]

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Short Waisted
Short Legs

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