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Style for women over 40, creativity, color, work, friendships, self-indulgence, and midlife crises.

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Style Statement

It's Style Personas Plural for me:

1 part Minimalist Magpie : 1 part Contrarian Classicist (with fluctuations to make room for their unacknowledged love child, the Persnickety Bohemian).

I gravitate to modern classic looks. Except that I find “modern classic” a stunningly broad and deeply useless category name since I covet items both staid and flashy, classic and boho, and on opposite ends of the color-color vs neutral spectrum.

Thanks to lots of navel-gazing, I've realized:

* too much classic feels wrong to me
* too much boho feels wrong to me
* too much “muchness” feels wrong to me

Which led me to see that overall I like to mix classic with shiny things, classic with color, and classic with boho.

Favorite Clothing Items

Anything with the Rectangle's best friend, rouching. Interesting knits that offset my solid-colored merino or silk staples!

Favorite Fashion Era

40s, 70s (Halston and Calvin Klein vs flower-child)

Fashion & Style Icons

Always looking for great grey-haired role models and have several on YLF and elsewhere! [Stopped using hair dye 2 years ago, so au natural with a mix of dark chestnut brown and silver.]

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Short Waisted
Short Legs

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