Yesterday was an extremely tough day and my heart wasn’t with the Oscars like it normally is. But I did see most of the frocks and do have an opinion so here it goes.

Halle Berry made my worst dressed list for the Golden Globes, but was amongst my favourites last night. I don’t usually like nude toned dresses but hers was sublime. I LOVED her hair and make-up.

In my world, Cate Blanchett walks on water and can do wrong. I didn’t love her pastel pink gown, but it was daringly different and her hair looked so fresh and natural — so she makes my best dressed too.

14 year old Hailee Steinfeld looked youthful, rosy and beautiful. Her fashion stylist deserves an award!

Anne Hathaway in her first bright red gown was stunning. Well done Rachel Zoe.

Annette Bening was killer in her beaded art deco dress. I adored the green earrings and swept up short hair. I was hoping that she would win.

Lasses that didn’t look so fab: Florence Welch, Michelle Williams and Sharon Stone.

Over to you. Who made your best and worst dressed at last night’s Academy Awards?

Click the thumbnails to see these dresses in all their glory at the Gardian UK.