My client Fernanda Solórzano in Mexico City is fabulous. We got on like a house on fire, shared countless giggles, and worked hard on taking Fernanda’s already amazing style to the next level. I warned Fernanda that I’m quite the slave driver and after working in her closet together for 2.5 days, she knows I wasn’t joking. You’ll hear all about her style journey from Fernanda herself, so stay tuned. In the meantime I thought I’d describe my packing strategy and one of my outfits.

The weather was gorgeously dry, mild and much like a perfect Seattle Summer. Sunny warm days, but cool early in the morning and at night. The first thing I do when I pack for a trip is consider the weather and plan the layers that I will need. Next, I choose a colour palette. No surprises that I chose black, cream, white and denim for my palette since its versatile and just my cup of tea. Finally, footwear. This is crucial because if my feet aren’t happy – I’m not happy. I needed to bring comfy shoes because working with Fernanda meant standing all day AND we commuted on foot. So 8-hour shoes were a must.

We spent three days in Mexico City so I packed three smart casual outfits. I stuck to one handbag for the entire trip, but swapped out everything else for each day of the trip, right down to different watches, necklaces, specs and shoes. I tend to go with my current wardrobe favourites when packing for a trip just because it’s extra nice to wear what you really love when you’re away from home.

I’m active when I work with a client, fiddling with outfits, moving clothes, walking to and fro, taking photographs, packing up rubbish bags, and purging items. I DO NOT sit, which makes comfort all important. This is a very typical easy-to-put-together-outfit for my style: Skinny jeans + woven boxy blouse + jacket + dressy shoes and handbag. For me, this dressing formula makes me feel pulled together, but also relaxed, comfortable and ready for just about anything.

Bar the new handbag, you’ve seen all these pieces before. Since my Lulu Guinness birthday gift, I’ve fallen in love with the London designer and recently added this structured cream darling to my collection. My zippered skinny jeans are a favourite so they were a no brainer to pack for this trip. Non-crease blouses like this polka dot number are ideal for travel.  My new L.A.M.B jacket provided just the right amount of warmth and edge to complete the look.

I chose my black retro, cats eye specs to contrast with the cream blouse, and my gold medallion for a 70’s touch. My low heeled Chie Miharas from Scarpassa went the distance with style. Because temperatures varied throughput the day, I peeled off my jacket in the afternoon and swapped out my pumps for socks and tan Frye ankle boots at night.

These pictures were taken at the Plaza Popocatepetl and a nearby bright orange wall that were en route to Fernanda’s apartment. One of my favourite aspects of Mexico City is how colourful it is. Another is the warmth of the people, who were helpful and friendly even though we don’t speak Spanish. And of course we were extra lucky that Fernanda looked after us while we were there, treating us to the best local cuisine and showing us historic sites at night.