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Los Angeles


reading, movies

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Modern Classic
Artistic Eclectic
Funky Urbanite
Tough Chic
Urban Minimalist

Favorite Accessories

Unusual necklace, funky hosiery. Since I'm a lawyer, I like stuff I can wear to make a black or blue suit more interesting.

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Style Pet Peeves

(1) Women's pant suits with jackets that do not cover the butt---I think that, from the back, most women look very unsophisticated in this particular get-up. (2) For men, I can't stand loafers with suits. (3) I think women should wear hosiery in court, but when it's over 100 in LA, even I break that rule.

Favorite Fashion Era

40s, 1980s (early, non-mainstream), NOW!

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Dark Blonde

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