In a way this post is an extension of the Scarpasa review, although I’m not being sponsored to write it. I wanted to show you the other pair of killer comfy low heeled pumps that I put through their paces, the Gina Ventori Patricias, and how I swapped out a few items in this outfit to achieve a different look.

A few days ago you saw me in a fairly androgynous outfit with zippered skinnies, a black button down shirt and Greg’s tie, cream leather jacket, colour blocked pumps, black specs and pewter clutch. This outfit swaps out the jacket, specs and the pumps and keeps the rest the same. I’m not trying to sport the Kate Moss “straight out of bed look”. It was another windy day and that’s why my hair is sticking up!

The effect with the new items is very monochromatic because the contrast between the colours is low. The military integrity of the jacket and dark colours makes this outfit even more strict and androgynous, which happens to be a style vibe that I really like. I do enjoy wearing pretty shoes and my white specs with this type of masculine ensemble because I fancy the contrast between the two aesthetics.

Wearing men’s ties is an acquired taste and not something I do often. When I do wear a men’s tie, I like to wear it against my skin and inside the collar of my shirt so that the effect is more like a scarf. There’s something about the combination of tie and skin that makes me feel girly.

And while we’re on that subject, this is not a feminine outfit yet I feel completely feminine wearing it. It just goes to show that feminine dressing is just as much about an attitude and a state of mind, as it is about the specific items that I wear.

The shoes are the Gino Ventori Patricias from Scarpasa and I’m extremely happy with them. They’re in textured, steel blue, snakeskin effect leather which is as soft as can be. I road tested them over the weekend and they are on their way to becoming 8-hour shoes. I like them paired with skinnies, leggings and dresses. A versatile shoe and perfect for our Seattle Summers. They also come in pink and brown if steel blue is not your thing.


Scarpasa is generously giving away $200 to spend in their store. Take a look in YLF’s competition section for details.