We took these pictures in Los Angeles a few weeks ago. Our Yorkshire Terrier Sam came on the trip and was as good as gold. He felt quite at home in the gardens of Pasadena and the beach fronts of Santa Monica. Our exemplary little traveller was also well behaved on our photo shoot, always checking things out in his very curious and engaged way. He made passers-by smile, children laugh, doggies wag their tails, and our trip that much more enjoyable. 

Bridge - Full

Bridge - Close

No more wavy hair! I cut three inches off my fringe and had the rest of my ‘do cut super short. The longer waves were fun and I thoroughly enjoyed the change. But eventually, the fringe got in the way of my specs (which I wear most of the day), in the way of yoga practice, and kept blowing over my face in the wind. It was driving me bananas so I said goodbye. Now, there is far less fuss and I’m quite relieved. My hair feels a little too short at the moment, but it will be exactly where I want it in a few weeks. 

Walkway - Pockets

Walkway - Close

Walkway - Full

This outfit showcases two of this year’s NAS purchases, both of which have been perfect for our transitional Autumn weather. Theory’s Tolleree Short Sleeve Cashmere Sweater in black,  and Rag & Bone’s Faye Longline Double Breasted Wool Blend Vest in ink blue have been frequently worn separately already, but also work well together. They seem somewhat seasonally confused, but they work extremely well in a moderate Seattle climate. In fact, I’m surprised at how versatile the gilet (a long vest) has been. It looks good layered over just about anything, adding a good dose of tailored structure, some warmth, and subtle drama to an outfit. I LOVE the pockets. The ink blue works well with black and all shades of white. 

Top - Full

Top - Close

I’m drawn to dark blue denim washes at the moment because I’m bored with how distressed denim has saturated the market. Refreshing my denim capsule with AG’s Jodi Crop Side Slit Jeans was a no-brainer and I couldn’t be happier with these jeans. Their tailored fit feels wonderful, the cropped length is perfect for my rainy climate and assortment of footwear, the side slits are unique, and the gold stitching is retro. Combined with the pullover and gilet, the flared crops create outfit proportions that feel fresh and new-to-me. I’m loving it. 


My blonde hair and green specs break up the darkness of the outfit, but that wasn’t enough of a break to my eye. Adding cream booties, pearls, and a pearl grey satchel breaks up the heavy and dark vibe of the outfit even further. The light footwear also bookends my look. Most would have completed this outfit with black footwear, and left off the pearls. But since I’m generally not fond of head-to-toe dark outfits, breaking up the column of colour with light neutrals is a very important styling technique for me. 

The pullover, jeans and gilet are higher-end pieces that are fantastically cut, beautifully constructed, and made of luxe fabrications. They move and drape like a dream and I can’t help but feel luxurious and fabulous wearing them. But Sam wins best part of this outfit, hands down.