Every year at the NAS I set aside a couple of hours to shop the preselections for myself. I set a strict budget and work within that. Here are the items that followed me  home. 

I’m very happy with the assortment at the sale this year. I wasn’t able to find a lot of items that are on my list, but I did find some interesting wild cards, like a very cute and sporty Adidas twinset and a pair of Converse sneakers that are actually comfortable on my feet. Adidas was the first sporty brand I knew as a child, so those items are also a bit sentimental.

The parka is to wear to and from yoga practice, and the rest of the items screamed my name as I walked past them. Tailored, modern, crisp, soft, retro and dressy. I am VERY pleased.  

My favourite item so far is the Rag & Bone gilet. It is stunning!

I might add one or two items as the sale progresses, but my final purchases will probably come from the items here. I will be posting more general picks as preselection progresses, and my final list of top picks when the sale goes underway for everyone. There is also a bustling NAS section on the forum (where I am answering your questions when I have time between clients), so be sure to check that out if you are shopping the sale.