Finding a highly elusive piece or brilliant bargains can be rewarding and thrilling, but nothing should beat the feeling of actually wearing your wonderful wardrobe items. After all, wearing items is the point of creating a functional, stylish wardrobe. 

And when you have the items in your wardrobe, WEAR THEM. It’s simply a waste of time, money and energy when you leave them to languish in your closet because you want to save them for a dressier occasion, or prevent them from looking even slightly worn. There is only so much saving you can do until it’s too late. Dress down the pieces with denim and flats, or just be dressier. Make a point of NOT reaching for the same old outfits over and over again just because they are at the top of the pile and easy to launder. Haul out the better stuff and wear it. Take items to the cleaners if you need to, and press items that need pressing. 

I remember my late Mum saving her stuff for good. Gorgeous skirts, dresses, blouses and jackets wrapped in plastic — only to be worn very sparingly so that she wouldn’t ruin them. If she was still with us today, I’d have encouraged her to wear her beautiful pieces because life is too short to not wear what makes you happy. 

I am challenging you ALL to wear the wonderful wardrobe items that you are saving. I’ll get the ball rolling by wearing my very dressy lace birthday dress with a cropped denim jacket, white ankle strap pumps and white bag while working the NAS preselections with clients this week. Your turn.