The only rule you shouldn’t break is to have fun with fashion at any age, and the most important style tip of all is to to be patient with your styleIt takes time, energy, resources, a good sense of yourself, a positive attitude, and several retail seasons that are in line with your style preferences to build a wardrobe that you’re happy with. And once you think you have it all figured out, there are changes to the factors that affect your style. You have to rethink your style and the process starts all over again. PATIENCE is the key. It’s perhaps the most underestimated of my top 10 style tips. And it is especially important when you renew or refresh your style.

Patience means that you stay in tune with your preferences, needs and emotions, making it easier to sport a style that is effortless, authentic and makes you feel fabulous. 

Patience means that you make the time to regularly edit and review your closet. Knowing exactly what’s in your wardrobe allows you to make informed purchasing decisions and create outfits effectively. 

Patience means that you’ll hold out for the right wardrobe items, and not get frustrated when you can’t find them or miss them on sale. Sometimes it takes years to get exactly the item you want, but this makes its acquisition and use all the more sweet. 

Patience means accepting that it takes time to build a wardrobe within your budget. Don’t lose sight of your ideal style just because you can’t afford all the components at once. Prioritize your purchases and remember that there’s always next season. 

Patience means that you’ll take the time to do a mini outfit creation process in your dressing room at home each time you add new items to your closet. This is especially true of new-to-you trends and colours that might become wardrobe orphans if you don’t take the time to style them. 

Patience means that you’ll be kind to yourself when you’re on a new weight loss programme, or trying a new skincare and beauty regime, or growing out your hair. You might not see the desired results right away, but making the effort counts for a lot. Pat yourself on the back each time you get a little closer to your goals. 

Patience means acknowledging that practice makes perfect. Like most things in life, the more you practice doing something — whether it’s adopting a positive body image or creating trendy outfits with cropped jeans — the easier it becomes.

Patience and a sense of humour make it much easier to have fun with fashion. I am not a patient person by nature, but I am patient with my style journey — and it has taken years of practice to get to that point. I can’t stress this point enough. Relax into your style journey. YOU are the master of your style.