A few months ago I asked our forum members what is YLF’s most important rule? In came 58 responses and I so enjoyed reading them. Here are some of the answers: “always be kind”, “sport perfect pant lengths”, “keep an open mind with fashion”, “make it your own”, “leave no retail stone unturned”, “keep experimenting”  and “’dress the body and for the lifestyle you have now because you are FABULOUS’’.

These are all important guidelines and I am proud  to associate them with YLF. But as I mentioned in this morning’s post, there is really only one hard and fast rule and a handful of forum members guessed it correctly: you must have fun with fashion.

At the end of the day, the reason we take an interest in expressing ourselves through our personal style is because the process AND the end results are fun. Life is too short not to have fun with what you wear – after all, you have to clothe your body every day.

Are you having fun with fashion, or are you breaking the rule? What gets in the way of having fun with fashion and style?