A leather jacket or leather item made my seasonal must haves list for Autumn and Winter 2010 (pleather instead of leather is fab too). Leather jackets are more predictable, but how about a pair of leather baggy shorts, pants or a skirt? You may have noticed that these items are trending quite strongly this season.

I vote yay. I’d wear the right pair of leather pants in a heartbeat. I’d probably also wear a leather skirt but am past my prime for baggy leather short shorts, although I like the look on others. For my style, the key is keeping the rest of the outfit very soft. In other words, match leather bottoms with either a pretty blouse or fine gauge item of knitwear. The stiffness of the leather contrasts well with the drape of a soft top.

So I like the edge of leather bottoms when paired with feminine pieces. How do you vote?