And here it is, about three weeks later than last year. As before, this list cuts across all body types, age groups and budgets. It’s a question of finding the right style at the right price, and wearing it in an age appropriate and flattering way that works for you. Unless you’re vehemently opposed to the aesthetic, try to keep an open mind and give new looks a bash. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  1. Boots, boots, boots! Your Autumn and Winter wardrobe starts with boots. Unless you live in a warm place 12 months of the year, a cold weather wardrobe must have boots. They needn’t be knee-high – ankle boots or booties are just as fab. I have yet to see a better boot season so stock up while you can: combat, motor cycle, equestrian, cowboy, vintage, utilitarian, desert, cuffed, over-the-knee, slouch, peep-toe, heeled, flat or wedged. Take your pick and make the investment. Bring out the superhero in your style!
  2. A pair of non-black boots or booties: Yup, I’m still on the boots thing. There is style life after black boots and booties. It would be a shame to miss out on the huge assortment of neutral boot colours this season. Think chocolate brown, chestnut, taupe, cream, white, camel, tan, cognac, metallic, grey and blue instead of black.
  3. A pair of colourful cold weather shoes: Any style and any colour. Rich dark reds are fab. So are shades of purple, teal, indigo and green. It’s fun to glance down at colourful feet on a cold gloomy day.
  4. Oxfords: Flat, heeled, whichever style grabs your fancy.
  5. Scarves: Necessary for warmth, outfit texture and interest. A effective colour vehicle too.
  6. Dolman sleeve top: Either in an item of knitwear, knit top or T. This one might surprise you but I haven’t had a disappointed client in a dolman sleeved top yet. Retro and fun. Please try the silhouette.
  7. Big soft tunic blouse: Blouses are under appreciated. Once you find the right big soft blouse, I’m convinced you’ll love it too.
  8. A military inspired item: Think coats, jackets, cargo pocket detailing and camouflage.
  9. Your pick of leggings, skinny jeans or leans: A great basic to wear with boots.
  10. Tunic cardigans: Think boyfriend, cascading or fly away styles. Comfy, cozy and forgiving.
  11. A Winter dress: And it doesn’t need to be sweater style. Thick jersey works too, as does a layered wool sheath.
  12. Leather jacket or leather item: No need to stick to moto styling as any leather or pleather cropped style of jacket will fill the gap. Tunic length 70’s style silhouettes are fab too. And if jackets aren’t your thing, try a pleather/leather skirt instead.
  13. A blazer: Shrunken, cropped, classic, eclectic, tweed, boyfriend or collegiate. A gal has got to have a few fun blazers for chilly weather. Looks sharp and pulled together.
  14. Trench coat and Winter coat: If you live in a cold place, make sure you have a collection of cover-ups that look great and keep you warm and dry.
  15. Something red and something purple: And wear them together.
  16. Something green: You can interpret this one in whichever way you wish. It could be a wardrobe item in green, or an eco-friendly garment.
  17. Hose or tights: Each year I encourage my hose-resistant clients to try hosiery. I’m not giving up on them or on you.
  18. Something lace: Skirt, jacket, camisole – anything at all.
  19. A KILLER handbag: Even if you aren’t a bag lady, perhaps you’ll treat yourself to one this season.
  20. Mixing metals: Go on, be a devil. Wear gold and silver. It took me forever to mix my metals and now I’m a convert. I found it quite liberating.

For the more trendy and fashion forward: tweed short shorts, sharp shouldered jackets and shirts, tuxedo jackets, over-the-knee boots, skinny cargos, denim shirts and tunics, slouch pants, shaggy waistcoats, feathered tops, cropped Chanel jackets, clogs, sequined tops, capes, moto jeans and leggings, structured top handle handbags, muted tonal tights and waistbags.

How well are you covered for Autumn and Winter? Start ticking off the list!

My Burberry scarf is perfect for a fine Autumn day in Seattle.