I usually post my seasonal “must haves” after we’ve discussed most of the upcoming trends, but I’m cutting straight to the chase this time round. I thought it would be fun to compare how you feel about the “must haves” list now and later in the season. Things that are “no way” today might tickle your fancy later.

The list cuts across all body types, age groups and budgets. It’s a question of finding the right style at the right price, AND wearing it in an age appropriate and flattering way that works for you. So unless you’re vehemently opposed to the aesthetic, try to keep an open mind and give new trends a bash.

  • Boots, boots and more boots: It’s always a season for boots when the weather cools down and the possibilities are endless. Slouch boots get my top vote if you’re after something exciting, casual and hip to renew your existing wardrobe. Knee-high riding boots are always classically fabulous and so are booties.
  • Skinny or straight leg jeans: If skinnies aren’t your thing, straight legs are just as fab. Either way you’re after a more tapered leg to tuck into boots, or wear with both voluminous and sleek tops or tunics.
  • Check/plaid top: Casual or dressy versions in both tunic or shorter lengths are cute.
  • Leather or pleather jacket: Biker, vintage, classic or avant-garde, your perfect style is available in all sorts of lengths, colours and fabrications. Go wild.
  • Boyfriend jacket: Wearing a tasteful deconstructed silhouette is edgy. The silhouette bends body type guidelines and I love the solvable challenge it presents in our wardrobes.
  • Cascading cardigans: Also called “fly away cardigans”, they look new and hip compared to their cropped, fitted counterparts. You’ve got to give this forgiving, playful and comfy alternative a go.
  • Waistcoat: A versatile layering piece in either a knit or woven. It’s the perfect way to add structure to an outfit when it’s not quite cold enough to wear a jacket.
  • Trench coat and wool coat: Chilly weather means an assortment of trenches and wool coats. One tires of wearing the same coat all Winter long, so try adding another colour or entirely different style to the mix.
  • Winter dress: You need frocks to showcase your boots! If the elusive sweater dress is hard to find, opt for frocks in wool crepes and Ponte de Roma fabrications instead.
  • Leggings: Still a sleek, comfy and great accessory and there are plenty of new takes on the style.
  • Textured hose: Think self-coloured pantyhose in patterned diamonds, polka dots, lace motifs, fishnets, stripes and floral designs. It’s a great way to add personality to a simple frock and boots ensemble.
  • Scarves: chic, warm, arty and easy. What’s not to love about a growing assortment of scarves.

For the more daring fashionistas, there are tapered pencil skirts, billowing painters shirts, Ponte de Roma skinny pants, slouchy pleated pants, something ruffled, military jackets, items with motocross detailing, shoulder pads, shaggy waistcoats, leg warmers, leather skirts, over-the-knee boots, small handbags, denim shirts, Winter short -shorts and sky scraping platforms.

I’ll post on how to wear the new looks as the season unfolds. Once you get your head around how to make the new fashions wearable, it’ll be as easy as pie.