If my previous posts weren’t enough to convince you that leggings are fab, here are some more reasons to give them a chance:

  • They give short frocks and skirts new life: Leggings rescue items that are a tad too short, making them wearable and current.
  • They can go casual or smart: Leggings are generally casual and look superb with flats. But they look just as good with heels and a fancy frock or skirt, thereby adding an interesting and arty dimension to an outfit.
  • They are an alternative to jeans and clamdiggers: Choose leggings as an alternative to the casual bottoms that you normally wear.
  • They flatter all calf shapes: Surprisingly, leggings add shape to unshapely calves like mine. They also accentuate and streamline a curvier calf. It’s a win.
  • They cross all boundaries: They are suitable for all body types when worn correctly. Plenty of ladies in their 40’s, 50’s and 60s are rocking this look with sophistication and sass.

If basic leggings weren’t your cup of tea, perhaps some of the new trends will get you on board. From extra-long, over the heel styling and stirrup detailing, to zipper trims, lace insets, button snaps and self-coloured textured designs. There’s loads of variety in stores at the moment so take your pick.

Be sure to look in both hosiery and clothing sections because you’ll find leggings in both store areas. You will find them in both cotton and nylon. I’m happy with either fabrication, as long as the leggings are thick and offer sufficient coverage.

Nordstrom Over the Heel TightsFrench Connection Leopard Shine Jersey Leggings  Free People Black Rouched LeggingAqua Women's Stretch Velvet LeggingsCotton Spandex Jersey Placket LeggingGold Zip Legging

Some examples of the new detailing. I have recently added a pair with zipper trims to my basic assortment and I’m excited to try the stirrup variety next.