Although we in the Northern hemisphere still have a good few months of hot weather in store for us, it won’t be long before the first Autumn collections hit stores. We’ll start getting glimpses of the new season mid July.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect to see:

  • Rocker influenced designs: Biker and bomber jackets, zipper detailing, studs, fingerless gloves, lots and lots of leather and leatherette accessories and clothing. I love this trend, especially since the look and quality of faux leather improves each season. Faux leather is vegan, less expensive, easier to maintain, fairly weather resistant and lightweight. It’s a win.
  • Shoulder-padded silhouettes: The 80’s inspirations continue with exaggerated shoulder lines. I am going to give this trend another go if the right piece tickles my fancy.
  • Daytime shine: This look has been trending for years but I just don’t see it becoming mainstream. Other than patent shoes and bags, I perceive an overall resistance to wearing daytime sparkle. Subtle lurex threads that run through natural fibers are popular, but that’s about it.
  • Bright Pink: The colour of the season.
  • Golden hues: From sour citron to green chartreuse. Brilliant. These are amongst my favourite colours of all time and I’ll be stocking up.
  • Voluminous banded tops: One of the few silhouettes that excited me this year and I’m happy to see that more is on the way. I’d love to see knitwear in banded top styling.
  • Leg-o-mutton sleeves: As the name implies, this type of sleeve is very full and puffy at the crown, but gathers in and tapers at the forearm with a cuff. Could be fun.
  • Peplum jackets: Nice.
  • Ankle-length super skinny pants: They work when you’re very slim, long in the leg AND wear four inch heels.
  • Leggings: A great look for us all.
  • Monotone ensembles: This trend lends itself to colder weather because warm handle fabrics are rich in texture, which is key to making a monochromatic outfit look fab.
  • Mini and knee-length skirts: Glad to see that flop-proof knee-length silhouettes will be a trendy option.
  • Opaque legs: I’m not a fan of the look as I prefer to have fun with self-colour textured sheer hose with pumps and boots. I’d rather wear a pair of leggings, or black-black skinny jeans to get a similar effect.
  • Blanket coats: Doesn’t sound so fab, but I’ll reserve judgment until I see a prototype.
  • Cocoon coats: An 80’s inspired look that is voluminous and sack-like over the body, but with the volume reined back in with a welt at the hem. The look can be cute and I look forward to seeing the new season’s examples.
  • Velvet: In the right item and quality, velvet and velveteen is lovely.
  • Booties, booties and more booties: Fabulous.
  • Bondage boots: Thigh-high boots worn over skinnies, leggings and tights.
  • Massive necklaces: This competes with my cold weather scarf wearing obsession, so no massive necklaces for me.
  • Fur stoles: I might like this trend if the look is retro and the fur is faux.

I’m always excited to see how the new season unfolds, but I particularly enjoy thinking about how I’m going to refresh, evolve and update my style for Autumn and Winter. Here in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, these are my dominant seasons. Autumn and Winter clothing form the bulk of my wardrobe.