Don’t be. This season marks the beginning of watershed changes in fashion, and the only way to see if they will work for you is to try them on. By all means be mindful of what’s best for your body type and lifestyle; but don’t be inhibited by preconceived ideas about what will look good and what won’t. You might be pleasantly surprised with what you see once you’ve plucked up the courage.

For example, if you think that…

  • you can’t wear red – you can if you find the correct shade
  • you aren’t slim enough to wear skinnies – you are if you match them up with a shapely A-line tunic top
  • you can’t wear a belt on your natural waist – you can if you find the right width of belt for your size
  • you can’t wear gold – you can if you mix and match it correctly
  • you are too pale to wear cream or white – you’re not if you create a contrast with another item of clothing or with your makeup
  • voluminous sleeves are too fussy – they’re not if you select three-quarter sleeve lengths
  • you are too short to wear longer lengths on top – you’re not if you keep the longer lengths just above your crotch point

If the new look is still too daunting for you, take a fashion savvy friend along for moral support. Be bold and experiment with something that’s different to what you would normally pick out. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!