It has taken almost 20 years for red to come back as a major fashion colour. It’s just what the doctor ordered to brighten up a dark palette for autumn and winter. The revival of red goes hand in hand with the revival of ‘80’s urban punk chic this season. It’s the colour of power, love and good fortune – and a lot more versatile than you might think.

Everyone can wear red – and that includes redheads! Nicole Kidman was breathtaking in Moulin Rouge when she wore red. It’s a question of finding the correct shade and intensity, which depends on the undertone colour of your skin. Your skin can either have warm or cold undertones; and shades of red can either have yellow or blue undertones. It’s easiest to determine which undertone you tend towards by looking at the inside of your hands.

  • Skin with warm (yellow) undertones should select tomato reds 
  • Skin with cold (blue) undertones should select richer cherry reds. 
  • Some people have both sets of undertones and can therefore wear both.

I have always thought of red as a basic colour, along with black, white, grey and tan, despite its ability to be bright. If it’s a colour that you are not used to wearing – consider it as an accent or accessory instead. Stay tuned for how to wear it with style.