Zip-lock bags are a marvelous invention. I have a few alternative uses for them that you might find useful for your closet:

  • Store clothing receipts – customers in America are given a mind blowing amount of latitude when it comes to returning and exchanging items. It’s therefore a good idea to keep your recent clothing receipts in a safe place – like in a big zip-lock bag in one of your dresser drawers.
  • Store spare buttons – our clothing often comes with spare buttons that are not sewn into labels, but in plastic sachets that are attached to the price tag instead. Keeping these is important. Prevent losing these spare buttons by popping them into a zip-lock bag every time you purchase something new.
  • Store to keep things dust free – the top shelf of a walk-in-wardrobe often gets dusty. It’s on this shelf that we tend to store items that we use infrequently like ski goggles and ski gloves. They won’t get dusty if you seal them in a zip-lock bag.

Keeping your closet space accessible and organized is a wonderful feeling – make sure that those cupboards are culled before you start buying your updates for the new season.