If you can lounge in style, you can certainly work from home with style. Whilst staying in your PJ’s or wearing funky sweats might be all that you can manage from time to time – it’s not a good daily habit. Dashing off to take a meeting, run an errand or to see a friend for tea in the middle of your work–at-home-day cannot be done in sweats.

What you’ll need is a comfortable and relatively casual yet put together look that you can wear every day, and easily dress up when you leave your home office and go into the outside world. 

The foundations (while you’re at home):

  • Dressier knits – there is nothing more comfortable then a soft knit against your body. Think further than just a plain cotton cru neck t-shirt and select jersey knit casual tops with a bit more detail (e.g. sleeve or collar detail, rushing  and all over prints).
  • Stretch shirts or tunics – wear woven stretch collared shirts for comfort and a bit of extra chic. A shaped collarless tunic is another dressier, yet casual alternative.
  • Layers – create interesting layers with longer length camisoles underneath your dressier knits. Add fitted cardigans and pullovers to the top of knits and woven shirts.
  • Stretch jeans and walk shorts – opt for wonderful walk shorts or jeans with a bit of stretch instead of work out pants.
  • Socks and slippers – keep those feet cozy while you are at home and wear a pair of cute slippers or socks with your put-together casual look.

The finishing touches (when you step out):

  • Fabulous flats – add a pair of fashion sneakers or funky slip-on clogs if you are wearing jeans.   A pair of thong sandals or ballet flats will work best if you are wearing walk shorts (you can wear these options with jeans as well).
  • Trench, jacket or coat – invest in a nice trench or coat to wear when it gets colder, or pop on a cropped little non–denim jacket for those in between days.
  • Accessories – add a belt and jewelry to your outfit if you have the time.
  • Best bag – make sure that you carry a wonderful bag – whether it’s for holding your lap top, your wallet or nappies, there are plenty of options out there. A right bag finishes off any outfit.

When you return home, your shoes, coat and accessories come off and socks and slippers go back on. You never took off your casually stylish work-at-home clothes – you just dressed them up and down. This formula is equally effective for stay at home Mums who are constantly on the go with children – after all, that’s extremely hard work too!