We need to wear clothes for all aspects of our life and that includes lounging around at home. While some of us might think that wearing an old size XXL varsity sweatshirt with pyjama pants is acceptable – we can do better then that. Invest in at least one set of comfy and currently styled sweats that you can climb into when you feel like relaxing at home. They are available at inexpensive stores like the Gap, old Navy or Target for under $70 (or even $50-$60 if you watch the sales). My sweats double up as a robe for my lifestyle. I get into them first thing in the morning and before I go to bed instead of putting a robe over my sleepwear.

I have found my trendy sweats to be an indispensable part of my wardrobe because I use them every day. Do yourself a favour and update the clothes that you lounge around at home in. It will kick your style quotient up a notch, and save you some embarrassment when someone unexpectedly turns up on your doorstep.


A hooded track jacket in yellow & brown from Target ($24.99) and a A pair of brown velour lounge pants from the Gap ($29.50).

A sweat hoodie from the Gap ($44) and a pair of flare leg fleece sweat pants from American Eagle ($29.50).