It’s fabulously feminine to show a bit of leg, so hiding less-than-shapely ankles under long pants is not always an option. If you are going to show them off, it is best to avoid certain shoe styles and stick to others.


  • Pointy flats – the thinness of the point makes your ankle look stumpy.
  • High ankle straps – enclosing your ankle will draw attention to it.
  • Kitten heels – the daintiness of the heel is not in proportion to the size of your ankle and gives you that “falling over” effect.


  • Loafers or clogs – the more substantial the shoe, the more in proportion it will look.
  • A simple thong – the detail is around your toes, thereby drawing attention away from your ankle.
  • Shoes with chunky heels – wedges and stacked heels will help balance the broadness of your ankle.

Finally, avoid tapered pants and pants cropped at the ankle – they are like spotlights on an area that you would prefer not to highlight.


Examples of footwear that will slim down thicker ankles – loafers, chunky heeled Mary-Janes and a pair of espadrille wedges (all from