Skirts for skirt lovers will be few and far between this season because it’s all about shorts! Let’s have a closer look at what you should be looking for when you buy this item. 

Choose the hem length that best suits your body type. Walk shorts that hit you anywhere on or just below your knee cap are most flattering because this is the point where your legs look the longest and the slimmest. Pear shaped ladies should wear their shorts a little wider at the hem and preferably with a heel. Petites may need to hem their shorts even shorter as knee-length will definitely be best for you.

  • Work walk shorts – Select these in refined materials like poly rayon pinstripe or trouser – like fabric. You’ll need to remain modest and professional by keeping them at least knee length, structured and worn with a heel.
  • Casual Bermudas – These are a little more relaxed in fit and best in denim or stretch cotton. You can opt to wear them with casual wedges, espadrilles, ballet flats or gladiator thongs.
  • Tailored short shorts – These thigh high short shorts are for the young and daring with fabulous legs. The point is to keep them chic and dressed up which means looking for tuxedo stripes, classic tailoring and cuff detail. They are a far more practical alternative to the ultra short mini skirt and will only look good whn matched with heels.
  • Rolled-up short shorts – Are once again for those blessed with great legs. They are best in cotton and linen blends and perfect for the beach.

Match those walk shorts up with layered longer length tee’s, girly tops, knitted tops and shirt and jacket combinations for an updated Summer look.

Structured work shorts (Nordstrom), casual bermudas (Gap), chic tailored short shorts (Bebe), and casual rolled-up shorts (Macy’s).