I see this fashion faux pas every day – ladies and gents wear their pants too short. So what is the perfect pant length? Pants, jeans or trousers need to skim the surface of the ground when you stand up straight – anything shorter is bad style. Covering up your shoe, but allowing your toes to peep through will elongate your leg and make you look slimmer. This is flattering for any body type, at any age and any height. That’s why it is stylish to keep those pant lengths perfect.

What do you do when you have everything from ultra flat flip flops to 3-inch heels in your wardrobe? You need to commit to a length. You won’t be able to wear the same pair of pants with your ballet flats and your high heels. You’ll need to have an assortment of pant lengths if you have an assortment of heel heights.

Can your pant hems sweep the street while you walk? This is not a good idea for fancy slacks, but is absolutely fine for jeans. They’ll simply fray a bit at the bottom which is actually perfectly acceptable style for both men and women! You’ll therefore find jeans more versatile if you buy them long enough to start off with.

Are you worried about covering up your gorgeous shoes and feet? You might not see your shoes when your pants are at the correct length; but your pants will creep up when you walk and sit and everyone else will be able to see that you have super shoe sense too!


These are all great pants from Nordstrom. The two pairs of jeans on the left are the right length. The pants on the right are stylish, but their length isn’t – both could be slightly longer.