It’s a watershed moment in fashion – waistlines are traveling north again. For almost a decade we’ve embraced low slung belts and low rise pants (and still are), but silhouettes are changing. This is not to say that pants and skirts will be high-rise for ever more. It means that you will have a choice. Low slung jeans and pants will move on to becoming “new classics”, and the new trend will be towards belting your natural waist line.

Bear the following in mind when cinching your waistline:

  • Be careful if you are short waisted – it’s best to stay away from this look if you are very petite as this will make you look shorter.
  • The size of your bust counts – if you have an ample bosom and tiny waist, opt for a narrow waist belt instead of a wide one.
  • Your bottoms need to fit well – you can’t wear a waist belt over a top if your pants/skirt are big around your waist. Excess bulging fabric is unsightly. You’ll need to have them altered (which will still be cheaper than trying to find another pair of pants that fit you perfectly). The cost of this type of alteration varies ($20 -$35), but is very worthwhile.

How do we wear the new belted look:

  • Over a shirt, girly top or long t-shirt
  • Over a fitted jacket
  • Over a pullover  

Have a look at the pictures below to get a better idea. It’s a cinch if you know what to do!


An assortment of belts (from Arden B. and Bebe) cinched at the waist over tops, blouses and dresses. I have found elasticized belts to be particularly comfortable.