What is a trend really?

  • Trend: Current style; vogue
  • Trendy: Of or in accord with the latest fad or fashion
  • Trendsetter: Someone who popularizes a new fashion

A fashion season is always influenced by trends. Trends are sometimes a one-season phenomena, but more often evolve through the seasons over a period of 2-3 years. They then either disappear, or become their own fashion category. The longevity of a trend is inextricably linked to consumer acceptance. Trends can start out as “the look of a season”, continue to reappear because of abundant consumer demand, and then ultimately become a long term force that we call a new classic. “New” because the look is kept current by changes to silhouette, color or fabrication, despite being based on a traditional, or “classic”, concept.

Good examples of new classics: heeled pointy toe shoes, low slung boot leg pants and jeans, collared stretch shirts, trench coats, animal printed accessories and trims.

You do not need to follow the latest fashion trend to be stylish. Filter through new trends and select only the ones that work best for your body type, age and lifestyle.