It’s perfectly acceptable to mix gold and silver jewelry, but there are some simple rules that can help you do so with style:

  • Keep your watch matched to the rings on that hand – it’s a good idea to match the metal of your wedding ring with your watch. You’ll be able to wear a ring in a different metal on the other hand though.
  • Keep jewelry that is in close proximity the same metal – earrings and necklaces should be the same metal; rings and wrist adornments should be the same metal; belt and bag hardware should be the same metal.
  • Keep all fine jewelry the same metal – if fine jewelry is all that you wear, it’s usually best to keep it either all gold or all silver.
  • Ignore the above rules if the pieces that you wear are made of mixed metals themselves – jewelry or accessories that mix silver and gold will allow you match either metal.

A couple of things you don’t want to do:

  • Wear gold and silver rings on the same hand
  • Wear a fine gold and diamond wedding ring with a sporty silver watch on the same hand

This is a tricky subject to write about because there are exceptions to every rule. When in doubt, stick to wearing one type of metal at a time.